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FEEDBACK ASKED: Working as a camerawoman and editor on music videos
  • I'm currently working as a videographer for like 10 months right now. Mostly 'specialized' in doing guerrilla style music videos. My goal is to achieve the high budget look, with the low budget costs (don't we all).

    Gear used on both videos:

    • Panasonic GH2 cam with flowmotion hack
    • Two Minolta MD lenses, 28mm F1.8 and 50mm F.17
    • Sigma 19mm F2.8
    • Mostly shot with: a rig, tripod, table slider and handheld

    My goal is to eventually work more with commercial artists and especially to learn as much as possible about cinematography and cinematic aspects used in music videos.

    Would love to receive some feedback on both videos!



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  • Well.... I'm impressed! Very nice.

    One question, in the second video, at about 60s and 70s in (& 130s & 160s), why did you place them so low down in the frame against the wall??

  • interesting comment about the wall shots, for me, the floral pattern somehow managed to balance the framing.

  • These wouldn't look out of place on some of the urban promo channels currently out there, so well done. The thing I would mention is that one important part of editing is contrast, and by that I mean contrast in shot size. A lot of your footage is a medium close up, which can get wearing after a while. Shoot some wides! Best of luck.

  • Thanks for your reply. @mrbill True. Honest reason, why I haven't really done that is, because I'm not fond of the lenses I use for wides. But I agree and that's a good tip! Thank you. My next christmas gift will be a Voigtlander Nokton 25mm or 17.5mm for it's sharpness. Can't wait to test it! (:

  • Thank you very much! @IronFilm

    Hmmm. Good question, I see what you mean. I would say an artistic choice, but also I had to work with what I had, because of the low budget. But the client was very happy and satisfied with the result, so that makes me happy as well. But good tip! Thank you.

  • @wordsofpeace could you enlighten me please?

  • @dlzn These are both very well done! I like the Feliciana Forever one better, because the "hazy" look you achieved matches the song well. In the D-Luzion video, which is nice, the "hazy" look doesn't quite work for me. I would rather have seen something a little crisper/sharper and without as much color desaturation (I would guess it was the lenses or color grading that yielded this). For example at 1:23, the female singer is supposed to be the real presence, but the "hazy" look has her just blending and fading into the background almost. Also, for the Felciana video I didn't like the wardrobe choice of her orange and yellow "Kid and Play" shirt...but I bet a ton of people thought it was cool, so that's really a style preference.

    But all that said, the videos are really, really well done. Keep rocking!

  • For me the rhythm in the scene changes is too symmetrical, but they are very well done.

  • Hey @DrDave. Thank you for your feedback, but what exactly do you mean with "too symmetrical" scene changes? Please elaborate.

  • Thank you! @matt_gh2 I think I can work with that, although some parts could be also taste.

    I wanted to go for an overall look instant of too big of differences between the different scenes+ part is also the lens. ut for this video in particular, the 'vintage' look pulls it of imo. Although I'm adding some new lenses to my collection this christmas. :-P

  • You should try to get a 12mm in your bag if Santa is visiting

  • @mrbill I hope Santa will grant me that!

  • any 12mm lens recomendations btw? @mrbill

  • Or an rj speedbooster (had good experience with this one - - coupled with a cheap 14 or 16mm lens - you get a cheap wides and about a stop brighter!

  • Great job @dlzn beautiful imagery..

  • That's a good one! Thanks for the tip @jamesjjs :)

  • I've recently finished a new video. Where some of you're feedback can be found in.

    Password: moz-4

    Please do not share this elsewhere!


    PS: more feedback is welcome of course.

  • 12mm lenses - Samyang/Rokinon 12mm cine lens looks great and shouldn't break the bank. My next purchase for sure

  • I recently bought a Samyang 10mm F2.8 to use with my GH4 and GH2 and im very happy with the amount of light it takes in and the semi shallow depth of field. It does NOT give a fish eye look just a very nice wide angle. Being very sharp you will need focus peaking ON if shooting in 4k on a GH4 or with the great Hacks on the GH2. I was researching using older Cine lenses around the 12.5mm f2 range but couldn't find any in my price range. So i took the plunge and bought the Samyang from Parks Cameras central london. Also if you want to add a bit of production value you could always shoot A N A M O R P H I C! My personal choice but very tricky with hitting focus! check out my recent 4k Carl Zeiss Anamorphic test

  • @stucameraman1 Great purchase. I don't mean to sound rude, but this is not post related. As I posted this to ask feedback on the videos I've posted. (:

  • Hi sorry i was at work and was reading posts and working and reading and working... i couldnt play the vids due to my works internet firewall was trying for ages... Ive just now watched the vids and they are very nice...very clinical lighting wise, clear...the 2nd video reminds me of the lighting style of the scifi series HELIX with the f2 or f1.6 prime lenses (watch it in HD). overall very well shot!

  • @stucameraman1 that's ok! Thank you very much, feedback noted. (:

  • New video comments: editing style does not suit the song. It looks like you did not storyboard the video. The slower edited sections are nice and work better. The fast cuts/glitch edits are unnecessary. Too many different styles in the colour grading and colour effects. Pick a style for the video and use it in a consistent way. I don't mean to be harsh, trying to help you focus on the important things. Golden rule is to make the video with the audience experience in mind. Don't please yourself, please the audience. Take them on a visual journey. Find some videos you like and analyse then to see why they please you. Use them as starting points for your own ideas. Film making is a never ending journey, don't give up! xxx

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