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For sale: Sony FS700 with Movcam large cage and 4k-hardware upgrade
  • I am selling my trustworthy Sony FS700 incl. a Movcam large shoulder rig. The camera was frequently used on productions and is not "like new". It is fully functional, with 4K output. Only superficial surface scratches on the body, a tiny one on the LCD (highlighted in photo, no problem when camera is sitched on) and some on the original handle (arm screwed on top of it).

    The photos only show the bottom part of the Movcam rig. Side &top plate and handle from Movcam included! I didn't have too much time to show different setups.

    See link for today's price and image of full rig:

    Original packaging, charger, manual and battery included. Instead of simple Movcam rods, I supply it with longer carbon rods.

    If requested, Metabones Speedbooster mkII ef to Nex can be sold as well.

    Suggested price 3999,- Euro.

    Shipping is not included.

    Location is Germany.

    Before you wait too long and the post disappears, let me know your price offers as well!

    711B5533 Kopie.jpg
    5760 x 3840 - 1M
    711B5535 Kopie.jpg
    5760 x 3840 - 1M
    711B5536 Kopie.jpg
    5760 x 3840 - 926K
    711B5537 Kopie.jpg
    5760 x 3840 - 905K
    711B5538 Kopie.jpg
    5760 x 3840 - 798K
    711B5539 Kopie.jpg
    5760 x 3840 - 1M
    711B5541 Kopie.jpg
    5760 x 3840 - 895K
    711B5542 Kopie.jpg
    5760 x 3840 - 1014K
    711B5543 Kopie.jpg
    5760 x 3840 - 1M
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  • New price 3799 Euro excl. shipping!

  • FS700 body only: 2999 Euro! The kit with the Movcam Rig will now also include a rain cover from camrade!

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