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A little Vivaldi with the Sony 4K
  • The recorder concerto in C Major, RV 443

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  • @DrDave Looks and sounds great. Haven't listened to any Vivaldi in a long was on a cassette tape. Thanks for posting.

  • I think I have that casette! Thanks for looking. Becoming a big 4K fan since it plays smoothly on Premiere CC.

  • Dave, it is beautiful. Makes me glad I bought one. Is the audio the camera mic or an external?

  • @peternap Thanks so much--I used the Tascam DR 680 for the audio (24 bit). The cam audio is decent (16 bit), but the camera was pretty far away (50 feet from a balcony for the side views) to run an unbalanced line....

    You would get better video from close up, but in a live event you often find yourself at a distance.

  • @peternap Perhaps I should have dialed up the saturation a bit, but overall I am pleased with the camera. I broke down and bought a 4K TV and it scales very well.