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GH1 or GH2 hack to Over ride frame per second ( fps )
  • Hi every one, New here so I'll be careful. Did some searching around the topic by getting Google to drill into the past posts of PV - no avail. So here is the question and I apologize if this has been discussed. Is there " a " setting in any GH1 or GH2 hacks to over ride the fps the way MagicLantern does it for Canon cameras ? ( e.g. 18fps er 18.2 fps ) I am building a poormans telecine for capturing some family films, super8mm, 8mm and 16mm with and without sound. Some of these films are 18 frames per second and some rated at 24 fps. I'm just pointing the camera at the film gate of my projector ( variable speed ) and fine tune the film speed the best I can to reduce the flicker on the recorded video. Up to this point I have been shooting with a Canon 60D hacked with ML. At the best I have managed to reduce the flicker. But the rolling shutter and jello effect occasionally makes me laugh.

    Some one told me that the GH cameras and the hack on these cameras give superior control and image quality. BUT ..., is there a way to over ride the fps down to 18 fps in any of the hacks ? Any suggestion is appreciated. BTW. I just purchased one of each GH1 ( so tiny this thing is ! ) and a GH2 the bigger brother just for this purpose.

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  • You can hack MJPEG mode to set custom frame rates, but if I remember correctly it just picks some subset of 30 frames in each second, instead of actually giving you the number of FPS you set spread evenly over a second. So there's no way to do what you're trying to do. Even if you could set the camera's frame rate precisely, you'd have a hard time dialing the projector's rate to match with perfect phase for anything but a very short movie.

    I suggest instead to record at a much higher frame rate than you need, like 60 fps, and use software to select good frames from the recording.

    Or better yet, make your telecine play the movie at a low FPS and trigger the camera to take a photo of each frame. The GH2 can take 4 megapixel stills using an all-electronic shutter when set to high-speed burst mode. You'll need a cam in your telecine to press a push-button switch wired to the remote shutter input on the GH2 once for each frame. The button press will need to be short so that each burst is just one frame long. Sound would need to be recorded and synced separately.

    For the sound I'd suggest recording the projector's audio output to one channel and a microphone near the projector to another channel so that the projector's clicking could be used as a frame rate reference, so you can resample the audio to be the correct speed and length to exactly match whatever FPS you set in the output video.