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lpowel reliable in camera playback not playing back in camera
  • Hi I recently got the gf1 and have applied the lpowell reliable in camera playback, but I do not get reliable camera playback. It says error and stops playing, it seems this happens when there is a lot of light or a lot going on in the screen. I don't see how this could be the read speed of the card though because the Transcend card I have it way over the 35mbits read speed of the mjpeg bitrate... Am I doing anything wrong? Can I tweak the settings in ptool to give more reliable playback?

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  • I just tried changing the frame size of mjpeg to 1280x720 to see if this helped but I still get "error please check card" when I try to playback any image with a decent amount of light and detail....

  • @disease8 It is possible that your problem is the UHS technology of that card since the GF1 can not use that as far as I am concerned and the speed is then only a fracture of the manufaturer-daclared specs. You might resolve the problem by using the SanDisk Extreme Pro 45MB/s cards (it's UHS too but still has a better write-speeds), I never had any problems using these in both MJPEG and AVCHD. Plus they work great with patches like flowmotion 2.02 and Valkyrie 444 TZ3/4 on the GH2. (but they cost around 28 € where I live)

    I'm actually a bit surprised, since the bitrate of that patch should not be that high and it should work with most class 10 cards.... Did you format your card in-camera before using it? always important...

    I decided testing different cheap SD cards in the GF1 to check which ones work reliably on all the modes and if they span. Those include:

    SanDisk Extreme Pro 45MB/s (UHS) - works like a charm!

    Panasonic 8GB card Class 10 (non-UHS, OLD card, no idea what tehy cost nowadays) - results pending

    CnMemory 32GB Class 10 (non-UHS, 12€) - results pending

    Save-tec 32GB Class 10 (probably non-UHS, 12€ too) - results pending

    Transcend 32GB 30 MB/s (UHS) - results pending

    and every other cheap card I can get my Hands on!

    I'll post the results as soon as I have them. Cheers!

  • It depends on the detail in the image. My cheap class 10 don't work reliably even for 720p. You need a fast card, as your tests are showing.

  • More results from my test:

    SanDisk Extreme Pro 45MB/s (UHS) - works like a charm! spanning etc. codec stays strong with towi's deathscreen testclip

    Transcend 32GB 30 MB/s (UHS) - works for normal recordings, NO spanning, write-errors using towi's deathscreen

    Barun flash (cheap card, no idea about specs, probably class 4) - works for normal recording, NO spanning, write-errors using towi's deathscreen

  • Panasonic 8GB Class 10 (non-UHS) - works quite well, NO spanning, NO write-errors