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Sony Catalyst Prepare
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    The storyboard feature allows you to organize and sequence a set of clips into a rough cut. Add clips to the story, change the sequence, and edit in/out points for individual clips. From there, render your storyboard out to a single file for review; the perfect solution for keeping your team informed and in sync, right from the start.

    Color correction

    Work in the same High Dynamic Range and Ultra-Wide Color Gamut as professional cameras. Set source, convert-to, and grade-in color spaces. Apply a look profile. Use tone curves, color wheels, and color correction sliders to adjust color while viewing the waveform and histogram displays. Transcode files that carry the new color adjustments, or save the settings as standard ASC-CDL to apply later in the finishing session. Compare before-and-after adjustments by setting the preview display to a before, after, split, or 2-up view

    Logging and simple editing

    Edit mode enables additional logging, adjusting of in/out points, creation of subclips, and first-pass color correction.

    Transcode or copy

    Export Mode can export files in their native formats as well as a wide variety of NLE-specific formats. During this process, files can be renamed with a prefix or suffix, creating a more intuitive reference as they move to the editing stage.

    800 x 500 - 72K