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Panasonic LX100 firmware issues
  • I thought it would be the right time to open a thread dedicated to firmware issues found in the LX100.

    One issue I found in firmware version 1.0:

    When you use "Utilize Custom Set" (e.g. C1) to recall a setting, then change some settings, then want to recall the stored C1 custom setting again, you'll find that using "Utilize Custom Set" has no effect. Only if you first choose a different setting (like C2) and then C1 again, the C1 setting are actually restored.

    This is slightly annoying to me, as I make frequent use of custom sets, but also often divert from the stored settings and go back.

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  • accidental posting to wrong thread

  • What you are describing does not sound like an issue at all. That is exactly how it works with all of their other cameras.

    Here are some things everyone wants to see in a firmware update though.

    1. Exposure compensation should work with Auto ISO in manual mode. It makes no sense that the exposure dial doesn't work in that situation. All other camera companies allow that scenario. Panasonic should as well.

    2. They really need to make the Intelligent ISO logic adjustable. Right now it will go up to 1/120 of a second for shutter speed if it detects subject movement. This should be an adjustable setting. You should be able to say that you want it at 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, or 1/1000.

    3. They also need to make the IAuto and Filter buttons programmable. Those buttons are useless wasted space right now.

  • mpgxsvcd, I agree.

  • @ karl: Thanks for re-direction!

    Guys, I've noticed a little glitch while using the lx100 in IA mode: it doesn't seem to check or remember for what aspect ratio you are in (I usually shoot in 4:3) when you switch to IA and revert to 3:2. If you change aspect ratio on the dial it will update but until you do, it stays in 3:2. Anyone else has that behavior (lx100 US model)?

  • @rigg4d: Good reason to have a new firmware.

    Best Regards

  • When RAW images are configured to be written - no matter whether only RAW or RAW+JPEG - the "intelligent zoom" and "digital zoom" functions are unavailable for taking video, even though "writing RAW for images" has nothing at all to do with how video is recorded. That's a bordline bug, IMHO.

    But since "intelligent zoom" and "digital zoom" are just stupid euphemisms for "throwing away information before post-processing", anyway, this bug probably does not mean a big loss.

  • On a recent shoot I noticed that the LX100 white balance was off in AWB mode. I attempted to manually adjust the color temp but it had little to no noticeable affect on the display. Rather than take a chance I returned to AWB mode for the duration of the shoot and ended up with a cooler looking image than my GH4 (the GH colors were spot-on with in AWB mode BTW). My settings were natural profile with -2 Contrast, -5 Sharpness, -5 NR, -1 Saturation.

    Has anyone else experienced issues with setting a manual white balance point on the LX100?

  • The focus mode setting switch is interacting strangely with the "custom modes":

    Set the switch to "macro focus", and store a "custom mode" (let's say C3) with this setting. Set the switch to normal "AF", and store a "custom mode" (let's say C1) with this setting.

    If you set the switch to "manual focus", manual focus will be used, and this does not change when you switch to C1 or out of custom modes or back to C3. So far: To be expected.

    Now set the focus switch to normal AF (not macro). Now switch between C1 / C3 modes, and look how when you switch to C3, "macro focus" will become active, so it seems to have become part of the "custom mode setting" and was "restored" when you switch to C3.

    But when you switch the camera off and on, it will still tell you to be in C3, but now AF (not macro) is active.

    That's a quite inconsistent behaviour - the focus mode in a custom mode is stored but not restored under all circumstances.

  • Missing feature: There is no sane reason why the "Programme Shift" functionality is unavailable when recording video. After all, stating e.g. a preference for smaller aperture while having the camera still compute a suitable aperture / shutter speed combination would be just as useful for video as it is for still pictures.

    And even more strange: The AF/AE lock functionality is also unavailable in video mode. If you e.g. choose a certain aperture/shutter combination after a half-press and enable AF/AE lock, one would think this setting would be used even when press the video button. Well, it is used initially, but over the course of the first few frames, the camera then moves away from the setting you would have liked to be locked.

  • Three improvements that I would like to see in firmware:

    Setting minimum/max shutter speed in iAuto ISO.

    Allowing you to Fix the shutter speed (override manual dial) to say 1/50 rather than having to switch to 1/60 then rotating the back dial to get 1/50.

    Single Autofocus in manual mode. This works before recording starts, but not when recording. Helpful to 'reset' focus if it gets lost.

    I also have a problem where peaking information stops sometimes and all the onscreen information goes away during longer recording.

  • Where is the new firmware???

  • Panasonic push you to buy their high end model if you want firmware updates which offer new and refined functionalities. Sad story.