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need mainboard for broken gh2
  • Hi guys. My gh2 is broken (mainboard is dead after hacking fail) I need a new mainboard but in my country (Poland) I just cant get it. Maybe some of you got it and I can buy it from you ?


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  • Sorry to hear that! I have no idea where to get it... Just in case it may save someone's ass - what exactly did you do that bricked your GH2?

  • I've seen GH2's that aren't working sold on ebay "for parts" really cheap. Maybe someone is selling one with a busted LCD and you can use mainboard from that.

  • Hi, my gh2 is back again after a few months. The new mainboard cos 200 dolars. Now Im thinking to make a short with this new hack T8. And remember- don't use third party batery when hacking gh2

  • @rezyserzycia

    Welcome back from the brink - and kudos for following through with the repair.

    A hacked GH2 is destined to become a cult machine and I would expect their price drop to flatten out and even start to increase as they become harder to find.

    Thanks for the lesson on 3rd party batteries/hacks. I'm looking forward to seeing your short film with that special GH2-H look!