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Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite quicktime player and GH4 footage
  • Wow. Just installed Yosemite and opened up a bit of DCI 4K .MOV GH4 footage, which was previously totally unplayable on my MacBook Pro in Quicktime Player (used to have to open premiere to playback at all), and now plays absolutely perfectly in the latest version of quicktime player. This is a big bonus for viewing and checking out rushes when you don't want to open up FCP or Premiere pro and enables quick and dirty edits.

    Great news!

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  • Glad to know that QT is hungry again =)

    Hope you don't mind me leaving here a list of Yosemite incompatible apps
    Apple software update teased me to consider the upgrading; just had a quick read of incompatibilities and fully stopped thinking about it when I got to FanControl. Personally I'm not making same mistake as of Mavericks, was a nightmare of incom-party-bilities, orphan tortoises and corner rapping (??)