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Hybrid, a great free video converter (win, mac, linux)
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    It is free, BIG BIG THANKS to Selur from here =)
    It is very fast, resourceful (picture below shows its guts), multiformat ( x264, x265, Xvid, VP9, proRES / mov, mkv, mp4, avi, etc.), quite simple to use and navigate and yet it has almost all important options for audio and video conversion (including adding TC). Selur just updated the program today with, among many other improvements and tweaks, a max resolution of 16384x16384 so now you'ld be able to convert alexa 6.5K files :P


    Now, if you like it and use it, maybe you could spare some change so the guy can buy flowers #1 to his girlfriend =)


    If you are a dye hard freedom-to-the-flowers supporter, change that for condoms
    FHD SOC frame grab fresh from today
    image Hybrid to proRES422 (my own tweakings) FHD frame grab

    Another 1:1 crop. SOC and passed through conversion only, absolutely no grade or other tweak outside hybrid and karl's ffmpeg downscale script!

    A little stress workflow test with a mix of hybrid and Karl's 4k to FHD script conversions.
    BTW I asked Selur - with @Karl 's permission and approval, thanks man! - if he would consider implementing Karl's script. He's probably thinking about it or writing poetry for his beloved one, you never know ,-)

    Here's a general feature list:

    •   extensive ability to configure x264s setting (with dependency checks)  
    •   ability to configure x265s setting  
    •   tagging support for mkv/mp4/mov  
    •   chapter support for mkv/mp4/Blu-ray  
    •   subtitle suppot for mkv/mp4/Blu-ray  
    •   separated audio-, video-, filter profiles, audio&video combi profiles  
    •   an integrated bitrate calculator  
    •   accepts vc-1 and avc raw input  
    •   manual&automatic creation&pass-through of chapters  
    •   ability to encode single title/chapters  
    •   a job-control  
    •   aac/mp3/ac3/ogg/flac/dts/pcm audio encoding with dcaenc/mencoder/ffmpeg/aften and different aac encoders  
    •   supported aac encoders: qaac, fdk, faac, fhg, neroaacenc, vo-aacenc  
    •   filtering through mencoder (+ some resize automation) or avisynth if the 'avisynth extension' is used  
    •   acceptable Input: avs and everything that mplayer/ffmpeg can decode  
    •   supported video output formats: MPEG-4 ASP (Xvid), MPEG-4 AVC (x264, qsvencc), VP8/VP9 (vpxenc), ProRes (ffmpeg), MPEG-4 HEVC (x265, kvazaar, DivX265), FFV1 (ffmpeg), UT video (ffmpeg), FFvHuff (ffmpeg)  
    •   supported audio output formats: dts, ac3, ogg vorbis, mp3, aac, flac, pcm, opus, pass-through  
    •   supported containers: mov/mp4/mkv/m2ts/webm/avi, Blu-ray or a AVCHD structure  
    •   audio/video pass-through -> can be used for muxing, tagging, chapter editing  
    •   a lot of option to automate stuff  
    220 x 726 - 26K
    1027 x 510 - 121K
    1920 x 1080 - 873K
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    1373 x 788 - 354K
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  • I can see quality differnce in examples - impressive. When is this used - before editing in NLE and grading, or after?

  • Comoé @matt_gh2 both =)

    A - The couple examples above are lanczos upscale (hybrid) + karl's downscale. Why I did like this? Just look at the freaking GH3 skin tones and noise pattern/gradients. So I guess that wouldn't be too stupid on my part assuming that (workflow's resulting proRES4444444) would grade better; at least how I grade, basically with a a torch and a hammer :P

    B - Then for web content; the x265 codec is - well we all heard h265 HEVC praisings which is in what is based - very good. AFAIK only vimeo's bacteria are digesting x265 stuff, nevertheless any player based in ffmpeg can play it, movist, vlc, mplayerX, etc.

    A much simplier free video conversion tool for internet zombies, lazy folks or children with no friends is Adapter. Settings interface vaguely reminds of Episode. It is also very fast, it has x264 but... well just look at the radioactive creature / icon ja ja ja, WTF is that??!!!... never mind is chooo kkiiiuuttt :D



    Though it is still under observation (not yet released publicly but eminently to come), Selur (BIG THANKS man) included within Hybrid @karl 's script developed on this PV thread

    Still Quicktime doesn't recognise the 444, displaying proRES422 HQ, but both VLC and mediainfo shows the baby's blue eyes, yeahhhh, let the chicken riot begin!!!!

  • @maxr: I think the Adapter icon does not depict some radioactively mutated creature, but just an Axolotl.

  • Yo @karl wise ass tweaking wizard :P
    from your link: Axolotls are used extensively in scientific research due to their ability to regenerate limbs. Axolotls were also sold as food in Mexican markets and were a staple in the Aztec diet.

    Do you think aztecs wanted a second penis? Aztec wives probably dug the idea and hunted and cook the poor axolotls with anticipation. Poor Mayas mixed with such barbarians, but a second penis... :P

    Now that I think about it, maybe it's not a bad idea if Selur also prospects for some weird endangered species to iconise his fab little hybrid. Somekind of exoesqueleton soft inside creature with many ramificating arms, both sexes, stereoscopic vision, plenty of midiclorinos and chromatophores, ultrasound and 5600º K light emitting capabilities, mind reading and wormhole fart abilities and a diet consisting of just radioactive algae and politician's toes.

    BTW in the last test version of hybrid I'm trying, Selur has fixed the QT recognition of proRES444 =)
    And yet another nice thing that I found to be a big PITA in ffmpeg and does not happen in hybrid is to get stuck when the file has data stream aka spok's timecode

  • New Hybrid rev is out, the above mentioned force to 444 function included; works only in kostya - just change from anatoliy or standard - and size must be at least half of original file.

    To enable in&out cut points go to Config>Internal and select Cut Support; please read tips.
    This would make available setting in and out time in the Main menu.

    Two very important things are RTSU and to buy Selur some flowers ,-)


  • There's a new build out; win, mac and linux and a Yosemite's own version too

    Some bug ironing and

    • avisynth: "Interactive script view"-option, when enabled, Hybrid will not disable the GUI while the avisynth preview is enabled. It will also update the view on every change made that influences the script.
 WARNING This option is experimental! It isn't tested extensively, so use it with case. Especially the fast change of settings, e.g. by using the up/down arrows of an option might cause problems. -> if your run into reproducible problems please tell my how to reproduce the problem and I'll try if I can find a fix for it.
    • tools: 'Check for new release'-button, when pressed Hybrid will check if there's a newer version of Hybrid available online 
or not.
    • x265: support for '--rd-penalty X'

    • avisynth: support Avisynth+ as alternative to normal Avisynth (the avisynth extension still comes with Avisynth 2.6 MT atm.)
    • input: always set frame count to the number of time codes, for vfr content

  • And a new one's out - thanks Selur - many fixes and added capabilities since last version (above), from last one


    Hybrid rev 2014.11.15.1:

    • tools: mix-up with fdkaac(enc) (on some Linux systems)
    • avisynth: fixed calling QTGMC-3.32 instead of QTGMC-3.33
    • input: lsdvd DVD aspect ratio detection (Mac OS X and Linux only)
    • preview: image resize (Mac OS X only)

    For detailed updates, here -

  • THANKS TESTING, this is really nice indeed.

  • image

    From this humid corner, thank you Selur =)

    685 x 266 - 22K
  • Changelog since last version

    •   rev 2015.01.19.1:  
    •   *fixed*
    ◦   audio: aac audio encoder delay handling
    ◦   audio: mono to strereo upmix handling
    ◦   mux: negative audio delay got ignored for vfr video content when muxing to mp4
    ◦   avisynth: MAA2 call
    ◦   input: auto loading audio file(s)
    ◦   input: avi(raw rgb video) handling
    ◦   input: workaround for 1st chapter infos messed up by MakeMKV
    ◦   ui: crash when disabling 'Blu-ray'-Input after Blu-ray was loaded.
    ◦   subs: crash during job creation, when sup2idx was enabled
    •   *changed*
    ◦   tools: reverted to MediaInfo 0.7.66 due to [url][/url] (forgot about the bug, which is why I accidentally updated MediaInfo, sadly it seems like the bug isn't that important since I got no feedback from the developer of MediaInfo so far) ([b]Mac only[/b])
    •   *added*
    ◦   avisynth: benchmarking through AVSMeter
    ◦   avisynth: Denoiser->NLMeansCL2
    ◦   avisynth: Color->AutoAdjust
    •   rev 2015.01.11.1:
    •   *notice*
    ◦   Windows user notice:
    ◦   Updating from an older versions doesn't work properly!
    ◦   A deinstallation of the older version is required! (settings&profiles can be kept)
    •   *fixed*
    ◦   avisynth: yadifmod nnedi-field parameter
    ◦   cosmetics: some unneeded field when resetting avisynth defaults, caused unwanted popups
    ◦   extract: mplayer accidentally deleting audio input
    •   *changed*
    ◦   general: update list of CUDA capable cards
    ◦   input: don't ignore subtitles on a DVD which have no language tag (needed for DVDs from DVD recorders)
    ◦   avisynth: Avisynth script preview, Avisynth filter preview and Avisynth preview are now all interactively adjusted in regard to
    ◦   changes in Hybrid.
    ◦   cosmetics: when audio input length is unknown show current position during encoding in top parent call-field
    ◦   No progress indication possible with fhgaacenc, since it doesn't provide any (when '--ignorelength' is used).
    •   *removed*
    ◦   avisynth: interactive avisynth script view option (now it's always interactive)
    •   rev 2015.01.07.1:
    •   *fixed*
    ◦   audio: temp file removal
    ◦   input: bug reading the mkvtoolnix version which caused problems handling mkv files properly
    ◦   input: ignore pulldown flag for files which are 23.9.. fps (since they are normally soft telecined)
    ◦   subs: ignore empty subtitle entries during srt/ass->ttxt conversion
    ◦   trans: 'None' wasn't always translated properly
    ◦   tags: multi input audio-tag handling
    •   *added*
    ◦   mux: use ffmbc instead of ffmpeg for .mov muxing if it's present
    ◦   If other features of ffmbc should be added to Hybrid, please post in the forum. Windows and Mac packages now contain ffmbc. Thanks to houdini for compiling the Mac version!
    ◦   x265: support for the range extension profiles (Warning: These are not finalized!)
    •   rev 2015.01.05.1:
    •   *fixed*
    ◦   audio: crash on empty source and audio handling 'passthrough all'
    ◦   tags: tagging of audio stream from mutlitple sources
    •   rev 2015.01.04.1:
    •   *fixed*
    ◦   cosmetics: progress indication when extracting streams with mplayer
    ◦   demux: hevc remuxing
    ◦   demux: mpeg-2 demuxing with mplayer
    ◦   x264: typo --psnr vs. --psrn
    ◦   x265: 'minimize command line' did remove '--psnr'
    ◦   x265: after 2pass delete .stats.cutree temp file
    ◦   x265: fix 'unknown version'-info of the attached binary (Windows only), Thanks to jb_alvarado.
    •   rev 2014.12.23.1:
    •   *fixed*
    ◦   avisynth: dvd input using DGIndex&DGIndexNV
    ◦   cosmetics: crashed jobs weren't shown as CRASHED, they simply stayed in their previous mode
    ◦   audio: crash when mplayer + sox + audio encoder were used at the same time (only happend when 'Config->Input->Decoding->Raw with MPlayer' was enabled)
    ◦   avisynth: add 'wine' before avs2yuv calls on non-Windows systems
    •   *added*
    ◦   input: added option to automatically run interlace analysis on 29./59./119. fps content which isn't detected as telecined (on by default)
    ◦   vpxenc: support constant quantizer mode
    •   *changed*
    ◦   cosmetics: showing a countdown during shutdown&hibernation notification and set 'always on top'
    ◦   qsvenc: adjusted to QSVEncC 1.27 (Windows only)
    ◦   x264: rev 2525+ now supports --aq-mode 3 (auto-variance AQ with bias to dark scenes); not on Mac atm. due to lack of up-do-date x264
    ◦   x265: splitting noise reduction into intra&inter noise reduction
    ◦   input: audio now always gets extracted on DVD input before processing to avoid unwanted peep sounds on some systems
    ◦   output: change current output path if default output path gets changed and generate output name is enabled  


                 BIG THANKS SELUR =)


  • And how to let this Hybrid work?!? Once I select ProRes 442 or whatever, after clicking on the conversion button, just nothing happens. The log shows a .mov file 0 bytes and that's all.

  • @producer... whatever not, compadre, whatever doesn't make hybrid work ,-)


    Selur Forum

    Here's a quick and dirty run through:
    Before anything, one of hybrid's hyper-helpful features is little cute stickies which make quite easy to understand what the fuck are we doing... I learnt to use the app by myself which brought a bit of frustration at first, nothing major. But let's hit the crowd, shall we?

    After selecting video output format one has to select how will hybrid handle audio, I normally use either custom (for single files) or auto-add first if batch processing . More on that later.

    Off we go to second tab, proRES in this case, here one selects encoder and settings. I use anatoly for up to 422HQ and kostya (slower, but only option) for 444.

    In the third tab we can do exactly what it reads, crop and resize. You can also change and distort PAR (pixel aspect ratios). If cropping, theres a nice preview button down right. About resize, when I use it, I check the auto option to mod 2 as it is easier to spot a wrong dialled value; bicubic spline for downscale, lanczos for upscale. There's still a misc sub-tab with several crop options and the force 444 downsize option (linked with at least x2 times downscale and karl script), I did wrote about in previous post.image

    Next, filters. Not all the filters work with all the encoders. With proRES, you can use the filtering sub-tab without problems. All filters work well but make encoding more lengthly. The denoiser it is very nice (and worth tweaking), when you start using it together with gradfun or dither... you won't ever want to use other thing. Last sub-tab of filtering is for tweaking speed. Dropping frames, changing speed read... the stickies explain it fairly well.

    Next important stop, audio. You can use audio stream from file source or add a new one. Here you'll select audio format compatible with video format. In the filtering section you can change/add DRC (dynamic range compression), method used it and downmix it in plenty enough ways. Important thing after selecting our audio settings is to click the plus button on the right to submit/add our settings to audio queue.

    Our next pit stop is down on CONFIGURATION tab. The minimum essential to know about this tab is
    in Output sub-tab
    and Container settings dropdown menu, one selects the wrapper, in our present case .mov
    from same drop-down menu, we set the way hybrid deals with files' namimg.

    Next sub tab inside config to set is path, where are wc, kitchen and dinning rooms for hybrid to go do its thing? One can set them to use the same as input path. And still this can be override, more on that later.

    Our last config sub-tab stop is at profiles, where one can create, save and set profiles in several ways. Personally I only use and set several global profiles and that's it. If one it trying and testing new settings this is also useful to keep record of the mess, je je

    We are almost done, said the epileptic brain surgeon holding the bloody router. Back at the main tab, there's a generate checkbox which overrides general path settings and naming (this is what I use most of the time). image
    If one wants, can also override but still be able to choose the output and name

    Then just beside this button there's the add to queue, click on that, then one either click the start queue button above

    Or keep adding tasks, different outputs, version, etc. to finally go to Jobs tab and start the deglutition of pixels' souls image

    here you can keep an eye on what's hybrid doing and at what stage, also in last Log tab, useful is something goes wrong and one wants to try and find what it might have been, I need one like these that work with women.

    For adding cut support aka TRIM see my previous post. There's support for avisynth script creation and a ton of other tweaking and sub quantifications magic matrix of intrinsic rubber worlds - honestly, other than some x264 and x265 settings, I haven't properly explore those - but as starting point I reckon this is enough =)

    If in these forums there are people using this power program - and I bet there are - chim in, share your settings/findings, help others, participate, give back, ponder donating to selur and that's stuff.


    800 x 418 - 77K
    800 x 417 - 34K
    800 x 417 - 54K
  • Thanks for all of this. I've been looking at alternatives for conversion software for a while. I've definitely used ffmpeg, but this looks interesting. I'm a PC guy (I know I know) and a lot of people I work with demand ProRes files.

    Wondering what the possibility of incorporating Avid's DNxHD codecs would be. Definitely a bit selfish as I use these a lot for my own work.

    Any thanks for bringing us the program and providing an overview of your process. Look forward to checking it out tonight!

  • @theshittywizard you're welcome. About "incorporating Avid's DNxHD codecs" try to reach and talk to Selur - My experience communicating with him was an honest, approachable and fast one ,-)

    Today were released new improvements. Changelog since last version:

    •   rev 2015.02.08.1:
    •   *fixed*
    ◦   audio: remembering default bitrate settings
    ◦   audio: automatic downmix to 5.1 when encoding to ac3 using ffmpeg and not aften
    ◦   x265: strictCBR error during 1pass average bitrate mode
    •   *added*
    ◦   avisynth: base support for denoiser MDegrain (= MVDegrain for mvtools2)
    ◦   avisynth: support for FrFun7 denoiser
    ◦   ProRes: advanced ProRes settings when using Kostyas ProRes implementation
    •   *changed*
    ◦   audio: using 64bit qaac on 64bit Systems now (before only a 32bit version was available)
    ◦   Note that this requires the 64bit Apple Application Support. (Windows only)
    ◦   x265: adjusted '--psy-rd X' default to 0.3
    ◦   x265: added support for --[no-]temporal-layers
    •   rev 2015.01.29.1:
    •   *fixed*
    ◦   subs: automated subtitle extracation during batch processing
    ◦   audio: channel mapping on multi-channel (>2) for ogg&opus
    •   *changed*
    ◦   cosmetic: show Title-tag of input audio/video/subtitle stream as tool-tip for the selection combo-/spinbox  
    •   rev 2015.01.26.1:
    •   *fixed*
    ◦   avisynth: keep screen split on update
    ◦   avisynth: 4:1:1 input handling
    ◦   profiles: loading of multiple old (pre 2014.01.11.1) profiles in a row
    ◦   tools: WinXP compatibility (thanks to the mingw64 team for fixing)
    •   *changed*
    ◦   tools: added some alternative names for some tools for more automated tool detection
    ◦   x265: support '--zones ..'
    ◦   input: using 0.7.66 and 0.7.72 MediaInfo to analyse content (Mac OS X only)
    ◦   avisynth: updated to latest Avisynth MT 2.6 RC1
    •   *notice*
    ◦   linux: djcj made some changes to the ppa, see: [url][/url]  


  • Need a portable distro, and a heavy re-design in the interface...

  • Maybe this application is not for average user, there are lots of software around free, cheap and expensive like that, Hybrid is in development and probably the design is something they will get better with time, I see this amazing project on heavy transcoding use, and pro very specific hands, cheers. Results for me are great.

    Only thing I would ask is an update option in the soft, so we could keep on with latest version.

    And for those who can:

    Thanks again keep on the amazing work.

    2 days ago there was a new release. Changelog since last version:

    • rev 2015.05.01.1:  
    • *added*  
    ◦ vp8/9: support for high bit-depth encoding (vp9+complex profile only)  
    ◦ vp8/9: support for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 encoding  
    ◦ audio: normalize audio to XdB via sox  
    • *fixed*  
    ◦ qsvencc: some small bugs regarding feature detection  
    ◦ nvencc: quantizer couldn't be set  
    ◦ nvencc: b-frames weren't enabled for h.265  
    ◦ audio: dts-hd -> stereo wav  
    ◦ audio: aften ac3 encoding  
    ◦ audio: fdkaac, use cbr only encoding.  
    ◦ avisynth: 'Decomb.dll' wasn't loaded for 'Decomb (Avisynth)'  
    ◦ avisynth: ffmpegsoure2 wasn't used  
    ◦ output: avi(fraps) -> avi(fraps) remux problem  
    • *changed*  
    ◦ x265: added support for '--qg-size '  
    ◦ x265: added support for '--qpstep '  
    ◦ jobs: added 'postpone' as one of the popup selection choices  
    ◦ jobs: make columns rearrangeable  
    ◦ avisynth: added 'cropping' to the custom section placing  
    ◦ autocrop: set min width mult to 75% instead of 88%  
    ◦ analyse: don't run interlaced analysis on files with


    • rev 2015.05.01.1:  
    • rev 2015.04.06.1:  
    • *fixed*  
    ◦ NVEncC: during vbr mode, --cbr was used  
    • *changed*  
    ◦ crop/resize: cosmetics change, crop width/height warning combobox was disabled  
    ◦ tools: check for nvidia cards before checking for tools and thus avoiding freezes due to NVEncC  
    ◦ x265: updated to latest presets  
    ◦ x265: enable pools&threads configuration  
    ◦ misc: allow setting of '-ao' and disabling '-fps=...' for preview  
    ◦ input: prefering LibAvSource over FFmpegSource when using avisynth for avi input  
    ◦ crop/resize: cosmetics change, crop width/height warning combobox was disabled


    • rev 2015.05.01.1:  
    • rev 2015.03.22.1:  
    • *added*  
    ◦ nvenc: support for NVEncC from rigaya ([url][/url])  
    ◦ audio: option to extract audio from DVD through DGIndex (this is only meant as a last resort since DGIndex  
    doesn't understand DVD file structures)  
    ◦ output: option to use ffmpeg instead of MP4Box for muxing  
    • *changed*  
    ◦ x265: added support for '--max-tu-size '  
    ◦ x265: added support for '--min-cu-size '  
    ◦ x265: removed '--threads X', and added basic support for '--pools XXXX'  
    ◦ x265: adjust presets to latest changes  
    ◦ cosmetics: audio speed stretch detection allows times as alternative to decimals now  
    ◦ cosmetics: moved shortcut overview to Config->Views  
    ◦ avisynth: autoadjust not using setmtmode 2 for more stability  
    • *fixed*  
    ◦ cosmetics: separate log window (SHIFT+F11) wasn't updated  
    ◦ avisynth: fixed batch encoding and 'embed first' subtitle script creation problem  
    ◦ avisynth: fixed resizer options  
    ◦ jobs: fixed job loading bug  
    ◦ input: DVD aid mixup when language is empty.  
    • *Note*  
    ◦ Windows users should deinstall Hybrid and delete old jobs before installing the new version

    For me this new release it's not working so I'm staying within previous (April's) version.
    It is always good idea to keep a zipped copy of whatever it's working 4 you, case you didn't and happen to have wine libraries (or any other) problems and want to downgrade,
    here, at the bottom of page, you'll find older versions:
    MAC vault for older versions
    WIN vault for older versions
    If you're Linux user, {bob mcferrin} you're don't need {off} just go hunt!


    Photo dedicated to you, @heradicattor , je je je

    Only thing I would ask is an update option in the soft, so we could keep on with latest version.

    A little bit of exercise it's good for you, just go to Config then Tools and click the "Check for new release", I know you're at tropicalia so abstain yourself after lunch and try not to pass out or sweat too much :P
    Ahí nos vidrios León Asulito!!! +)

  • im really dont understand the joke... anyways, I understand the effort of build this type of software thats is great for us, but there are so many, so its difficult to do a perfect among others

  • @heradicattor ja ja ja not a joke buddy, just a photo of a guy carrying an (large) instrument... you know where I'm currently living there's a saying the optimal is enemy of good... go figure. Anyway I feel your pain, too many choices; If you ask me choose the girl with wooden leg, she'll run slower and you'ld always know where (tak tak tak) :P

  • well, some of what i want:

    make Hybrid portable (Windows only): install Hybrid on a system copy the Hybrid folder to a separate folder deinstall Hybrid create a new subfolder inside the new folder i.e. 'settings' create a misc.ini (if not preset in the folder) and change it's content to [General] settingPath=.\settings

  • Whazup jybrid sunny beans?!!!

    It would be nice to have a dither (add small amount of fine noise/grain) footage option within hybrid.
    I really cannot contribute much, but maybe one of you guys, more versed in this field, can give us a hand =)

    Any ideas please use one of these threads: Videohelp - Hybrid forum

    This is where Selur's at:

    + pandy at videohelp
    All goodio

    940 x 1355 - 362K
    1000 x 330 - 110K
  • looking good, more testing and beer needed (too hot) =)

    Selur rocks!!!



  • You know that MadVR renderer for players also have their own noise algorithm for GPU?

  • @VK I didn't even know MadVR; fucking hell 1.564 thread pages... it must be really somethin' :-)
    I am the guy who goes to the well and carries water for the camels, I really know nothin' bout the intricate delicacies of all this.
    Do you think is it possible to implement it in this hybrid cross-platform project?

    High ISOs must be triple checkd, but grade can be pushed forward =)