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Third party bats don't work with new firmware?
  • I was told recently that once we upgrade our firmware with the new Panasonic patch, it's likely that the camera will not recognise
    third party bats.

    Any truth to this? Vitaly, what's yr take?
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  • I really do not understand that are you talking about.

    Told by whom?
  • The idea presupposes that third party batteries are programmed to be read by firmware of a certain version. So for instance, the present firmware v1.1 reads the BLC12 or its equivalent. But once you upgrade it to v1,5, the third party bat may not work. I know it sounds ridiculous, i felt that way too when i heard it.

    It came from a Panasonic rep btw
  • Panasonic blocked third party batteries in compacts as I know.

    But it is pure speculation today.

  • I am using 2 third party bat right now with an unhacked GH2, firmware still v1.1, out of the box. It works okay, but the cam can't read battery life (old news). The Panasonic guy seems to suggest that the new update (come this Oct) will even block any kind of compatibility with third party bat, ie, yr camera won't even boot up.

    Hv you heard anything like this, Vitaliy?