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FS: Panasonic GH2 with 2 Hexanon lenses + box
  • just upgraded to a gh4 and am selling my gh2 so that i can afford a few lenses i just purchased %_% - i have it for sale on ebay but wanted to offer it here for less as well - I am selling it along with two Konica Hexanon lenses and a Konica-MFT adapter so that they can be used with the GH2. All lenses are in excellent optical condition, with no blemishes to the image. Sensor on GH2 is also in excellent condition with no optical issues. Viewfinder/back screen both work perfectly. One mechanical issue which is that an SD card does not click into place when you insert it, but I have had no issues at all just closing and latching the door behind it. What the underlying issue is I do not know but because it doesn't effect its ability to record/be used I never had it fixed but still a quirk worth mentioning.


    • Panasonic GH2 (black) - low sensor grain (your choice of firmware, Panasonic by default)
    • Konica Hexanon 135mm F3.5
    • Konica Hexanon 28mm F3.5
    • Konica-MFT adapter
    • Pistol grip
    • Soft neoprene lens case
    • Original box/manuals/neck strap
    • Panasonic battery + charger

    Price shipped: $475, will include insurance and priority shipping to Continental US. Let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like to trade. Will also be posting a set of LOMO OCT-19 lenses in the next few days.

    900 x 486 - 166K
    900 x 486 - 161K
    900 x 486 - 164K
    900 x 486 - 182K
    900 x 486 - 153K