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Music video shot on Lumix GH3 and anamorphic adaptor at 50fps
  • Please have a look at the music promo I made on a Lumix GH3.

    If you're interested in the tecky stuff, here it is, otherwise please just enjoy the pictures!

    I used a kowa 8-Z anamorphic adaptor, mounted on a voigtlander Nokton 35mm F1.2. I also had a Tokina .4 achromat and a Cokin Diopter +2 for the Close ups.

    It was all shot at night which presented problems as I found the Lumix isn't very good in low light. I was shooting at 50fps which reduced the amount of light I had even further. I also found that if the lens was fully open it was difficult to get a focus. Not because it was too shallow, but because it wouldn't focus on anything with the adaptor.

    As you can see I over-cranked the ISO (accidentally went to 3200 when I thought I was on 1600), but I couldn't set lights up on the banks of the Thames at 3am, as we didn't have permission to be there. I wish I'd got someone to stand close by reflecting a bright torch off a white shirt though. I can only hope that I get away with the graininess in the spirit of low/no budget film making, and it looks like 16mm. I couldn't ask the actors to go back into the Thames for me!

    I think the Lumix in low light has given the film a real 'look' but in all honesty I wasn't impressed by how much colour information it recorded. This camera really needs light to work well.

    You can also see the notorious shutter wobble a few times. Weirdly it doesn't bother me in this video, as I think it suits the slightly surreal mood. Same goes for the sodium street lights making the flicker. I wanted to keep the shutter above 100 (I was shooting 50fps), but I could have decreased flicker by reducing the shutter speed. However, I decided to embrace it, and instead increased the shutter, which made the flicker more pronounced.

    Staying close up to the actors, using the diopters, gave me a picture I liked the most. The bokeh looks lovely and soft and cinematic. Shots where I had to focus to infinity were difficult - the bokeh is ugly in those shots (in my opinion), taking the shape of a kind of horizontal tear. But I couldn't film the whole video in close ups!

    It was difficult to shot this as a one-man-band. Having to screw two different diopters on or off every time I wanted to change my proximity to the actors made it quite fiddly. I was also moving lights (I had x3 LED panels). I had some other taking lenses, but it wasn't practical to change during the shoot.

    Lastly, I know its normal to crop the super-wide picture you get from shooting 2x anamorphic on a 16:9 sensor, but I decided to embrace it. It's fun, and a bit silly, but its a music promo, so why not.

    Hope you enjoy. The track by Durlston George, his debut single, is lovely.

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  • Great video! Love all anamorphic work. Wonderfull song and images. But IMO, flickering is worse than breaking the 180 degrees rule. I found some shot are missaligned, with vertical lines at an angle. (Black girl close ups are like "inclined") Over all, good work.

  • Yeah - I guess flicker is a matter of opinion. I wouldnt do it normally, but in this case I felt it added something other worldly. In the same way the 50fps does. Although I didnt do the misaligning on purpose, I feel a bit the same with this. The whole film is slightly off key and the warping and flickering add to that. But it isn't clean, and I guess would normally be a big no no!

    Congrats, lots of great ideas and shots, love the girl trippin shot among others... not everything has to be perfect IMHO

    As @Grimor, the flicker really distracts me (without adding anything "solid"... maybe guilty of trained eye) and the whole experience deserves a bit more colour love... and I don't mean more quantity - find pleasing the desaturation - I mean on balancing, colour palette, the sticky colour glue pseudo-coherence for hungry pupils BS kind of thing :P

  • Hey @maxr thanks for comments. I tried really hard to grade it, but its practically impossible with out proper kit. What looked great on my screen looked terrible the moment it was compressed - suddenly everything was mismatched. I kept going back and tweaking, but in the end I was fighting a loosing battle. I agree though! If anyone on here wants to offer a free grade in a DaVinci suit...

  • Out of curiosity, would it be too much to ask to share a 1:1 ungraded framegrab where different colour patches are shown?

  • What do you mean by 'colour patches'? Give me a time code and I'll take a look.

  • I Mean relativelly big colour splashes/samples so we can see how those colours looked ungraded =)
    • 2'18'' MS of very angry him while creasing the pappers with blue dot on left and yellow lamp on the right mirrored at his left
    • 2'23'' frontal MS of her facing up while dancing at the bar
    would do.

    Thanks @Wotsisname