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Need help for a battery pack, please
  • Hi. Does anybody use this battery pack:

    Is it good at all and how long does it take to the battery to be recharged completely ?

    Thanks to answer

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  • Cheap, but not well built.

    I've used a version of this pack before. It worked well for maybe 20 uses, but shorted for no apparent reason after that. While it should have a charge reset function, I don't think mine worked. My opinion on battery packs is to go with the better build quality. Exploding li-pos are no fun. That said, this did the job for a while.

  • @monks19

    IF you will be using one for rig, it is much better to get V mount battery and appropriate power solution, or save some with adapter like and get two NP batteries from good supplier.

  • @monks19:

    If you need something cheap check out the standard NP-F battery plates.
    They accept any NP-F battery (also the cheap OEM NP-F970 ones)
    and you can mount them quite easy on rigs too (with a 15mm to 1/4" clamp).

    I use that solution now for about two years without any problems.
    Though: You only get around 7 to 8V out of them (6.5 up to 8.2V with my batteries to be more precise).
    So if you want something over that voltage, you need a DC to DC step up converter.

    But most equipment accepts the voltage.
    (At least nearly every LED light, DC coupler and monitor I had til now accepted it.)
    Btw - I got mine here (in the UK) from:

    But just search for "Sony battery plate F970" on Ebay.
    There are plenty of international dealers ^^.

    Later you can still upgrade to a V-Mount base (a good one costs about 150 bucks).
    And you can still use the already existing / at hand NP-F batteries with the dapter Vitaliy linked to.
    Though: If you need multiple voltages, the already mentioned V-Mont solution is for sure the better choice.
    But keep in mind: You should always use identical batteries on such an adapter.