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Hacked GH1 - AVCHD transcoding...wont go above 15mbps
  • Hey all, finally managed to get some tests done with my hacked gh1. I have played around with the 75mbps Peak Reliability patch ahd the 100mbps max lat patch. I have shot a range of subjects from grassing fields/trees/test patterns, and at a range of isos, apatures and shutterspeeds. However once I bring them into FCP 6 and transcode them...i end up with clips that will not go over 15mbps. Am I trancoding wrongly? or has the patch not worked properly? (I have yet to have my camera freeze up on me).
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  • This question is not related to hack.
    Because I do not know how you want to compare transcoded bitrate. :-)
    And it is 15MBps, not 15Mbps as I understand :-)
  • Sorry I may have gotten a bit confused and thanks for replying there a way to measure the bitrates before they get transcoded? I have a feeling that transcoding the files to AVCHD is reducing the quality of the footage as I am getting a large amount of artifacting and blocking in the highlights...and FCP says the footage is only 15Mbps....cheers :)
  • Use VLC, Toast Video Player, or I believe you can even use Quicktime if you have Panasonics AVCHD Quicktime plug-in to check bitrates before transcoding.
  • As a quick check on overall bitrate, I have used Media Inspector 1.0 ( from the Mac store - $2.99) to see what bit rates I'm getting on my clips. Just drag the original file recorded in the camera, to the app's icon. Also use VLC occasionally.
  • cheers for that....does anyone know why once I have transcoded the footage to prores I only end up with footage that FCP says is 15mbps?
  • dude, theres a difference between Mbps(megabits) and MBps(megabytes)

    15MBps = 120Mbps

    Im sure your getting 15 MBps in Prores in FCP