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Just got my BMPocket, need a lens for specific use
  • Ok, what I am looking for is a wide angle lens that has a low profile, preferably a wide zoom for when I go skiing. What is the best choice? 12-32, 14-42 or whatever? the power zooms? Inquiring minds. If it's fast, that's just gravy, but I don't really need 2.8 or the like.

    As an aside, not so happy with the crop when using my Voigtlander 25, but that's another thread...

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  • Just try out the quite new Panasonic 14-42mm II ASPH (the newest smaller model). You can get it quite cheap (especially with the plastic bajonett) - It is wide enough for the most shots, offers a good focal range and it´s dirt cheap - But offers a very good image quality for the low price. Oh. And it´s also very small and lightweight - Kind of perfect for the BMD Pocket - AND: With the newest firmware you also get image stabilization with it (altough there is no physical IS swicht on the lens).

    The 12-32 is just too small (and there is no physical focus ring on it - Just the zoom / extention ring) - So it´s not usable on the Pocket at all. And each other lens is: Bigger, heavier, more expensive and "fits" the BMD Pocket not as nice as the 14-42mm II ASPH ^^.

    HTH (hope that helps ^^)

  • I hear nothing but good things about the 12-35 and it's excellent stabalization. That's what I just bought.

  • @Tscheckoff - thanks for the info, I used to have that one. I didn't really love it. I may give it another try, but it may be larger than what I want.

    @Hallvalla - 12-35? I have been interested in it, but I think it's profile is a little big for a ski jacket pocket.

  • if the 12-35 is too big get a Sony RX100. there are no smaller lenses. besides that 12mm isn't a real wide angle lens

  • @rockroadpix:

    Well - Then get the 14-42mm Panasonic powerzoom lens. It´s now also supported better (since firmware 1.8 as far as I remember). Now also the stabilization works (enables automatically as soon as you hit the rec button). And also the general support is improved (at least according the firmware-update list) ^^.

    Otherwise there are only non stabilized lenses. The 14-42mm EZ Olympus for example (quite annoying focus ring - WAY too small). And also the classical 14mm F2.5 Panasonic (which is quite nice though - Also image quality wise). But it´s a fixed lens / prime again - So not as flexible as the 14-42mm powerzoom.

  • just wondering if you are gonna sling this around you while skiing or in a backpack? id go the panna 14mm for sling, everything else is just too bulky.

  • @MRfanny - both. I also have a gopro for other angles etc. I've toyed with the idea of the 14. Any low profile 12s ? I also considered the Rokinon 7.5, but that seems a little redundant when paired with a gopro3 black ed.

    @Tscheckoff - Usually, I am a manual focus kind of guy, but I prefer to put the aperture for most shots around f11 and keep the focus just under 10m when its out on the slopes stuff. I've tried the manual route, but you miss too much and my time on snow is limited, so it's usually get it on the first take...

    @peaceonearth - are you suggesting another camera? Yeah, if another box shows up from B&H (and has a camera in it), I'll be posting from Starbucks or the public library!