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Computer display as HDMI monitor: SCALER OPTIONS?
  • OK, so computer displays, even with DVI/HDMI inputs, are mostly designed/limited only to computer resolutions and refresh (scan) rates.

    Those mostly do NOT match standard HD video specs, so if you try feeding HDMI output of your camera to a computer display, you'll get "out of range" message on the display.

    So then, instead of direct connection, you feed it via some mobile scaler device, that adapts your video HDMI to computer display HDMI. (I'm obviously discounting using an actual computer and video capture card for this purpose... just talking about some small scaler box here.)

    Very good. Except so far, based on user feedback, I only found one single scaler that seems to work reliably - Atlona AT-HD550/560.

    What other alternatives are there? MUST be some cheap Chinese knock-offs on eBay or somesuch, just like with everything else... but I can't find them. What do you use as a scaler?

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  • @mo7ies

    Sounds strange. Most monitors work perfectly in 1080p and 720p modes without any scalers. Some can have issues with 24p modes, but it is better idea to just find proper monitor.

  • I think its' mostly 24p of the video signal, but also the fact that monitor's native resolution may be say 1680x1050 or whatever.

    I'm absolutely not an expert in this area, but none of the PC displays I tried could show my BMPCC or GH4 HDMI output. With Atlona scaler, no problem. I just need a cheaper version :)