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Levelling Video Head
  • Hey everyone,

    This is very much a noob post so I'd greatly appreciate any help!

    Basically I've bought my first proper tripod (manfrotto 055xprob) and video head (Benro S8), but I think I've overlooked something pretty major.

    I've got the flat mount tripod/head and so basically I'm just realising now that I can't quickly level the head, as I did with a setup I was previously using (which I think had a bowl mount).

    Is there any way of quickly levelling my head with the flat mount stuff now I've bought it or have I shot myself in the foot?

    If there isn't anything I can do to adapt the flat mount head to level quickly (I doubt there's an adapter or anything) then do you have any tips on how to level the whole setup in a shoot with more speed?

    I feel very silly after doing so much research and overlooking such a simple thing.

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  • Well, you have to level it with the legs then. It is also pretty fast, especially if you have an artificial horizon in the camera like the GH3 and the GH4 have it.

  • Thanks guys, much appreciated!

  • You could get a Mitchell mount (flat) to 100mm ball mount adapter.

  • @IS2:

    As Vitaliy already posted a flat leveling base is an option.
    Though I would really keep an eye on a 75mm half bowl tripod.
    (As you can use a 75mm half bowl adapter - Where you can mount your S8 on.)

    Especially if you can send back your 055XPROB, I would consider that option.
    As also a falt mount leveling base is already quite "pricey".
    About a tripod: Maybe check out the new Benro C3770TN + the Benro BA75 adapter.
    It´s quite cheap (at least here in europe) - And I REALLY love the stability of the Benro tripods.

    HTH (hope that helps ^^)

  • I use a (cheap) Gitso sliding plate. It has two leveling bubbles on it, one each way.

  • I have a Benro S6 head (flat mount) on a set of Manfrotto carbon 055PRO4 legs. Manfrotto makes a 055-series center post with a leveler built in, I got one cheap on eBay and swapped that in and the system works great. My only complaint is that the post is a little longer than I'd like, so I can't go super low, but I have a low adapter I can switch out if I really need it. I may eventually try to shorten the post myself.

  • I have a Miller Flat to ball adapter (100mm)

  • I use a manfrotto 438 levelling base. Works great - fast, but is heavy. You get a height adjustable collumn and ball head like levelling. I like.

  • I got the Varavon VK linked to yesterday. Love it. Good price, sturdy, simple.

  • Thanks so much guys.

  • Another option from Manfrotto. I have this one on my 055XPROB. It replaces the entire center column. Nice, neat design.