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Driftwoood Intravenus v1 sharp Matrix? Do exist?
  • Looking for the maybe no-existent Driftwoood Intravenus v1 sharp Matrix. I was thinking that I read it once...but maybe I'm very wrong.

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  • @dgf

    Try this patch out from Driftwood. This is a very sharp patch....

  • Thank you very much Azo

  • @dgf

    Your welcome this is my modified version of the patch that allows reliable recording in the 30p mode. Try it out in that mode its very good ;-)

  • @dgf

    1. Apocalypse Now 'Intravenus' v1 Settings

    2. Apocalypse Now 'Boom!' - Intra GOP1 24p Flat 4 matrix experiment. Works very well for Mid Shots/Close Ups. Out now for trial 24p REC Mode - this setting has NOT been setup for HBR/FSH or 720p despite what patch adjustments you find inside.

    FYI This is a completely different matrix than Chris Brandins. Instead, lets see how far we can push the GH2 and its matrix sharpening. Lets reverse the 'Soft machine' and take a look at how a Flat 4 (All 4s in the matrix) records on a GH2. This has been tested at close-up skintones and mid to tight shots and is very very sharp on a typical soft lens like a Nokton 25mm f0.95. I would probably not recommend this for wider shots or for pany lenses. More notes when I get home from vacation.

    The Apocalypse Boom setting is sharper then Intravenus v1. The Moon T-4 setting that I uploaded earlier is better IMO then these 2 settings above. Anyway's here are the patches that you requested. Enjoy ;-)

  • Thank you very much!

  • Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but.... what's the difference between a 'sharp matrix' and sharpening in cam and/or sharpening in post?

  • NOt an idiot question at all...just wanted to try a sharper matrix for the soft lenses to be able to use the footage just out of the box.

    Just trying stuff in here.