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GH2 max speed write
  • Maybe i'll get kick ass for this, but i try.
    I suggest you to test max bitrate what gh2 can handle, with this way.

    1. Get the fastest sd-card wich present at this moment.

    2. Make firmware.
    In ptool enter this settigs
    E1 Quality=200
    E1 Table=4
    E2 Quality=200
    E2 Table=4
    E3 Quality=200
    E3 Table=4
    E4 Quality=200
    E4 Table=4

    3. Shoot
    Of course choose on your camera 720p MJPEG mode.
    Then try to shoot, if record time is > 15 sec, that mean it's ok (this is my guess), note what bitrate you have got
    Shoot every time same scene!

    After, enter this settings (Every Quality setting is higher by 100)
    E1 Quality=300
    E1 Table=4
    E2 Quality=300
    E2 Table=4
    E3 Quality=300
    E3 Table=4
    E4 Quality=300
    E4 Table=4
    Try to shoot, if record time is > 15 sec, it's ok, note what bitrate you have got

    Repeat this until the errors start to happen, after you should take last successful settings, and start new tests, but now you should test with litle steps, let plus every Quality settings in every step by 10, for exemple:
    You have got successful settings
    E1 Quality=600
    E1 Table=4
    E2 Quality=600
    E2 Table=4
    E3 Quality=600
    E3 Table=4
    E4 Quality=600
    E4 Table=4
    And you further actions:
    E1 Quality=610
    E1 Table=4
    E2 Quality=610
    E2 Table=4
    E3 Quality=610
    E3 Table=4
    E4 Quality=610
    E4 Table=4
    Do it untill the errors start to happen

    Shoot every time same scene!
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  • I see here is people with sandisk 45 Mb/s, come on, it will take 1-2 hours of your time
    Write here your results like this:

    Card: Sandisk SDHC UHS-I
    Q200 ~ 100Mbps
    Q210 ~ 105mbps
    Q220 ~ Errors
  • Its about 187M on GOP1, I havent got the time to do these tests - maybe you?
    • Card: Sandisk SDHC Extreme Pro 95Mbps
    • Q500 ~ 227Mbps

    Camera GF2. Seems my card isn't too slow, my card reader can't push that bitrate. I get speed write error after 4s of shooting video. So max speed write is approximately 225Mbps.

  • max speed will be the SD specs High Speed standard: 50 mhz bus speed * 4 bus = 200 Mbps. Apparently the GF2's buffer can take the additional 25Mbps for 4 seconds only.