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Finally got a GH2
  • Well, after quite some time of thinking "I should get a GH2" I finally have (and not one that shoots my other/previous post).

    You know, I kind of feel like the proverbial pig in sh*t.... many of you have owned the GH2..there was the hack..then some patches...then more...and then others like the Quantum..Intravenus...Moon...etc.

    I come late to the sweet shop .... but.. soooo many 'sweets' to enjoy!

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  • If you need reliable PAL 25p or 50i with spanning, have search for 3GOP patches. There are some great ones here!

  • Yep - it's awesome! Lots to choose from. Still shooting GH2 myself, and loving it! Welcome to the club.

  • Still have two of them.

  • Me too, 2 gh2s still rocking here

  • Thanks caveport

    If I can work it out, I'm going to see if I can 'mix' the Moon T8 settings (for 24p) with Spizz T7 for HBR/FSH (not sure what's best for 720p50...either Moon T8 or Spizz T7 or ClassiX DREWnet).