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Wedding shot with Sony A6000
  • Shot this with mostly the A6000 (Some B-stuff with Panny G6 and Sony CX730).

    Lenses: Sigma 18-35mm 1.8, Sony 18-105mm f4, Tokina 11-16mm 2.8

    Picture style: Neutral 0,0,0 + DRO Level 5

    50p conformed to 25p

    Edited and graded in Premiere CC with Lumetri Plugin

    Music by The Music Bed

    Password: widefilm

    The camera performs pretty well.

    I like the AEL lock feature which I used during the whole day with the camera set to aperture priority and auto ISO.

    Peaking and especially focus punch-in works great!

    But - I hate the record button placement and I miss the fully articulated screen on my Pannys.

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  • Useful to see what is possible and what isn't with this camera. Its weak points seem to be dynamic range and skintones.

  • Great Movie the colours..much better than the purple vids from A7s

  • What is the kind of film burn transition you use? I love it. Also, are you adding those flares or are they natural? If you're adding, how are you doing it?


  • @catsin Yep, but the couple didn't mind the super whites :-)

    @woolhats Thanks!

    @kupchenpo They are light leaks, just added on a layer set to screen!