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Trailer Film "L'evento" shot with GH2
  • Hello everyone, I want you to see the trailer of my movie titled "L'evento" (The Event). It was shot entirely with a GH2 with Motion Flow v2. Good vision

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  • BEAUTIFUL. That is all I have to say.

  • @joeevento Very cool. This looks like it would look even better on the big screen. Let us know when the full film is released and can be watched. Congrats.

  • Seems jesse pinkman seen in BB! LOL!

    Wanna watch more, let us know!

  • The film was released in Italy on 11 December 2014, 16 cinemas without distribution! :-) As soon as possible I will publish here the link to view it in full and with English subtitles. Thank you for your compliments...

  • Sorry for the delay in my response ...

  • @joeevento Great news, my best compliments :) How did you reach the distribution system in your country?

  • wow amazing!

  • @AlbertZ I went in person in the cinema of my region (Campania, Italy) to present the film and the project, I sent him a link to show it and have decided to project it, those who for a week just for one day, but that's okay, it was still a success. 1,500 spectators, in the spring / summer and without any advertising, and now I hope to bring in the rest of Italy. P.S. theater owners like a lot more good films more than the distribution companies! :-)

  • with subtitle

  • SICK! Great grading. @joeevento

  • @dlzn Grading on Edius 6.02