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Deals by shungyiu
  • There is a user on here named shungyiu who ocassionally posts gear deals. He recently posted for new EM5s at $399, and from what I can tell this thread was deleted after it was assumed to be a scam. I took a chance, paypal'd him the money, and sure enough received a boxed EM5 in the mail two weeks later.

    I'm simply posting this to say that shungyiu is reputable, and I would recommend doing business with him if you get the chance.

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  • Nope, it was not removed because it is scam :-)

    It was removed because Marketplace is made to sell used gear for our members, not for business.

  • I also ordered from shungyiu. He could not deliver to my country for some shipping policies so I had full refund. Cannot complaint.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Ok I see. Well I guess I was more addressing others on that thread who said it was too good to be true. From what I understand shungyiu does bulk purchases and leverages cashback incentives in his country to make small margins on these deals, which he then puts back into m43 gear.

  • Yep. I said him that he can put it on ebay and list on deals.

  • Thanks guys for posting your experience, to racer5 and zigizigi. Sincere apology to zigizigi, your shipping zone will definitely be accounted for next time.

    I am just a m43 enthusiast like any other in the community, thought some members might find my deals handy, as not everyone have such deals available in their regions, I'd love that if fellow members could do that for everybody else in the future, providing they do not violate the policy Vitaliy has put in place.

  • I apologize to @shungyiu ! I have been burned a lot in the past and usually when it is too good to be true, it is! Glad to hear there are some good old fashioned people out there though still. I should have jumped on that $399 deal. Sorry mate!

  • No worries tyler mate, apology accepted and appreciated. :)

  • WOW, only $399 for an E-M5! :-o

    Wonder how long until we see more of this on places such as say Amazon?

  • @IronFilm Maybe x'mas 2015 if we are lucky. ;)

    Refurbished ones currently sell at this price and are considered a deal by some:

  • Hi guys, there is an Olympus E-M5 w/12-40mm f2.8 Pro lens kit deal I posted in deals abiding to Vitaliy's policy, available in 6 hrs with only 4 sets available:

    My local supplier told me there will be none after today, grab a set while you can!

  • Deal mentioned above has expired.

    @IronFilm E-M5 for $619 at Amazon, seems to be getting closer: