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Live interview recording
  • I would like to know how to do live interview people at different location. I am in Usa, one friends in Europe, another in Asia.. I thought i would do with Skype but just only with two people !?

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  • How do broadcast station do it? Is any free or less expensive way using skype , Face time, video conference ..?

  • @tinbeo

    It all depends. Frequently you see horrible quality Skype, if content and speed is more important.

    But as I said, best idea is to test your connection with your friends first (you need high bandwidth for good HD video) and also check cameras that they have (as most web cameras are pure crap and nothing will help with it).

  • Still looking for a solution of interview and recording Is any one using this

  • Do you really need it live as in streaming live? Why the Skype Recorder?

    [These days, outdoor broadcasts (eg sports) do a pretty good mix with some sequences rapid-edited in post. TV studio teams can do on-the fly trans-continental edits using packets of vision at a time - making up time about as fast as the voice-delay loses anyway.]

    I sometimes work with an on-line school which does what you want - but they use an http layer gen-locked over their very own satellite's analogue TV - superb quality, high-cost. There must be similar, studio-to-studio facilities for hire.

    Dare I suggest doing it the cheapest TV way of the interview over the phone, recording it on SD gear at each end, getting the remote files sent (Maybe soon, in h.265), and streaming it just a little later?

    I take it you still want a one-click solution. In which case some of VoIP like the Skype recorder night help.

    A friend also in distance education uses a kind of real-time VideoWiki which does enable live text comments by viewers. (pretty terrible IQ)