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Sensor Cleaning
  • I was looking into an easier way to clean the sensor on my cameras and found the sensor gel stick. I have a sensor loop and have cleaned the sensor's with the wet method and it is a pain in the ass. Every time I do the wet method there seems to be streaks from the kit that I use. also seems to use a type of dry cleaning method with the butterfly and a different type of sensor gel stick. Check out the videos below.

    I will buy one of these to try out seems a lot easier then the wet method and the streaks are really a pain in the ass to clean. If you don't have a sensor loop you will not see the streaks, also they did not show up in the test images that I have shot. However I know that the streaks are there so I always try to get all the streaks out which is a time consuming process. My sensors end up clean as a whistle but the effort and time that it takes is too long. So moving forward this product along with the arctic butterfly will be my method for cleaning sensors.

    The other great thing about this method is that usually you have to buy a kit that is specifically made for each camera sensor size. So for example if you have a FX, DX and M/43 cameras you need to have 3 different kits to clean your sensors. So this is another benefit to using this system as opposed to the traditional wet cleaning method.

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