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Panasonic gh4 MDT file not MOV on my sd card!!
  • in last two jobs i found in my sandisk extreme pro extension MDT files and not MOV!! big problem here!!can i open this??i capture at 1080 50p 50mbps

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  • Same problem on my GH4 after firmware upgrade (2.3).. sometimes camera freezes during 4k recording and there is no way to stop recording pressing any buttons, still recording even when you try to turn the camera knob, only way to stop recording was removing the battery... the file on the card related to the camera crash was a MDT file.... trying to figure out how to close or recovery the file... any thoughts? cheers

  • HELP!

    After 2 years of trouble free shooting ,mov files, 100mb 4k, I got the same scenario as @cogumelo in the middle of recording a live show. It happened 10 seconds into a performance with a lot of dancers wearing sequined costumes, just when the performers started moving and the sequins were creating a mad light show (too much detail…?) The camera locked up and displayed a message: "recording was canceled due to the speed of the card."

    I had formatted the card in the camera before the shoot and it was my trusted GH4 128MB Transcend card (see pic below) Turning the camera off, did no good. Camera was frozen. Had to pull the battery and the camera left me a zero byte .mdt file. where there should be a file full of data.

    Camera setting were: 3200 ISO, 360 degree shutter (very low light), iDynamic and iResolution both off, Manual focus lens on a Metabone Speedbooster (no electronic lens). I have shot this exact same set up before and not had the problem. Even the rest of the show I recorded and did not have any problems (no more sequined costumes).

    I have shot 1080 96fps with this card (no spanning though) and not had an issue. I never saw this coming!

    Other than this video:

    Has anyone used this "HD Video Repair" program, they are pointing to?

    and this service: for $79 for one file

    I don't see anyone having a fix for this.

    With the GH2 I was able to use Panasonic's AVCHD and apparently there is no such program form Panasonic for the GH4's .mov files.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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  • I'd like to add:

    The camera was a wide lock-off shot.

    FW: v2.3

    "Recoding cancelled due to the speed of the card" occurred again almost immediately after restarting the camera and hitting the record button, the camera did recover in about 15 seconds, that file did get written out (see screenshot). I suspect I got the zero byte .mdt file from the 1st failure because I pulled the battery before the camera finished writing the file, but, unfortunately it appeared that the camera was frozen. While missing part of a live event every second counts and I didn't think the camera was going to recover (from my GH1 hacking experiences).

    I was able to record the rest of the show, but, I made sure that I stopped the recording for the brief pauses between performances. Some of those files did span to a second file and recording was not interrupted.

    Upon inspecting the files afterwards on the card, it seems that the failure while filming the kids in sequined costumes occurred, as the camera was spanning or had just spanned to a new file and was perhaps writing out the end of the previous file.

    2 Questions:

    Has anyone found a way to recover the zero byte .mdt file? Like we could with a zero byte .MTS file from the GH2 using Panasonic's AVCHD recovery program?

    Am I using a card that is not approved for the GH4? If so, what SD card would you recommend?

    Thank you in advance…


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  • I revive this old thread.

    I have a 500MB .mdt file from my GH4 Any suggestions how to try to obtain the missing .mov file?