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Shooting In Low-Light!
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  • Just stopped by to say hi, to listen to your very... (how to put it so it sounds like I'm gay) voice.
    Almost forgot, man, how can you possibly call Persona a pretentious art house film and what kind of classmates are those???!!! :P Over&out

  • @max r Well thanks for listening! lol And in my class, only 5 of them really watched films like that and were into film making. The rest were there to get a grade, and they weren't the type of people to really watch "meaningful" films that didn't have non-stop action or followed along with the typical beat system that most films go by. I said Persona could almost be considered an art house film because, looking at it the first time it could come off to some as a film trying to be offbeat, but after watching it again, the film actually had meaning, and all the decisions the director made started to make sense. So to sum it up, the "short attention" viewers (my classmates for example) I felt would consider it to be a pretentious film, but I myself loved it :)

  • I also loved Persona. I never truly understood why the Actress stop speaking. The scenes that I still remember most was when the actress was in the hospital and the nurse turned the TV on and it showed a scene of an Asia man burning on fire. I think it was Vietnam war footage.

    The other scene was when they were both were staying together in the cottage. After the nurse told the actress, who still never spoke, here life story late one night by a fire both drinking wine, the next scene showed the nurse who was laying down in a room full of white silk curtains being blown by the wind from an open window. You could see the actress come into the room in her white sheer night gown almost in slow motion, then the nurse in her white night gown, almost sheer, got up from the bed and meet the actress and they had a sensual embrace. Now, all the time this was going on there was something like a sensual sounding fog horn sounding off every few seconds. Next, they go into the bathroom and both look into the mirror the nurse is in front of the actress, looking almost like identical twins, the nurse turns to the actress and the scene fades to black.

    I love this Bergman film. I looked for a Bibi Andersson look-a-like blonde with an accent for while after watching that movie.

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