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ISCO Anamorphic + GH2 + Olympus Manual F1.8
  • Hi all, Being New to the GH2 world (and what a nice world it is) im trying out all of my canon fitment lenses...It was time for the ISCO Anamorphic!

    being a canon user for 4years all of my lenses are for canon fitment, so i bought a EF to M43 adapter. My set up for this video was - EF to M43 adapter, Olympus 50mm F1.8 + OM to EF Adapter, REDSTAN Anamorphic clamp adapter to thread with a step ring. I sold my canon 7D and 50D a few months back to get a used GH2 and i cant see me going back to Canon...ever. Enjoy.

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  • Gorgeous flares! Love it!

  • There are some resounding shots in there Stuart =)
    Maybe a bit silly of me but love the golden-batton with blue star looks of the imago tube. Cheers mate

  • Very nice!