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Wanted: Hire SLR Magic Anamorphot - UK
  • Hello, i'm shooting and directing a music film over the next two months and i'm really keen to try out the SLR MAGIC Anamorphot (for use with my GH4 / GH2) to see if it will work for the piece. I'd love to hire it over a weekend to test it out. I'm fully insured and will cover transport in the UK. Anybody own this in the UK and would be happy to hire it out to me for a weekend?

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  • I'm happy to pay a decent day rate for hire plus obviously shipping etc! Want to try it out before spending £1k on the adaptor plus achromats!

  • have you tried to contact their UK seller? it's this one here :

    maybe he will rent you one...

  • Thanks @yiannis_zach I'll give them a go.