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Angenieux 17-68mm f2.2 4x17B Super 16 Black Lens
  • A highly rated and sought after zoom lens, that is parfocal, covers the Super 16 format (Blackmagic Pocket Camera/BMPCC, Digital Bolex, and other cameras), covers ETC mode very well (and light vignette in 4K UHD - GH4) on Panasonic and Olympus cameras

    In stunning/mint cosmetic and mechanical condition, aperture, zoom and focus rings turn nice and smooth, glass is pristine, like new, no fungus, haze, chips, scratches or cleaning marks.

    Focuses from 1.2m to infinity.

    Can ship worldwide. It's a fabulous lens.

    Test footage here

    Take US$800.00 plus shipping worldwide.

    1204 x 782 - 362K
    1139 x 783 - 409K
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  • It has a really nice look to it, but that is some heavy breathing!

  • Footage link seems to have been removed. This is a highly rated lens.

  • Angeniux's have a certain "je ne sais quoi" ha ha ha. Actually they are a little on the softer side, some were better than others. The most common is the 12-120 and it's not that good a lens compared to others. They also made a 16-44 f1.4, that's a great lens if you can find one.

    @rockroadpix most zooms of that era had a lot of breathing, even the commonly used Zeiss 10-100mm T2. If there's something in the story to motivated the focus pull, or if you are just following an object, most non camera geeks won't even notice it. I recall the Cooke 9-50 T2.4 (I think) had very little breathing, it was the exception. It was also made in a S16 version 10.4-??. The Zeiss was also converted into a s16 version sometimes into an 11-110 or a 12-120 depending who did the conversion.

  • @CFreak - They weren't always on the soft side. I used to work with a tabeltop Director that had an angie 9-? and you don't use a lens for shooting product if it's soft. I can't remember the stop on it. He had a 2X mounted to it, so we were constantly searching for the 5.6/8 range with big lights. Someone told me that it had a 2X because it was a 16mm lens!

  • Nothing positive to say Cfreak? If you are not interested in buying the lens can you kindly stop hijacking?? thank you.

  • Hi. This lens looks nice but it seems to have a vignette when focused to minimum at 17mm as per your video? What camera are you using? Does it not cover the s16 sensor? Is it standard 16mm lens? Thanks.

  • Yes it does cover Super 16 and UHD on the GH4.

  • Hi Lee, would you consider a trade for some other lenses or are you only wanting to sell it?

  • I need to sell it really. What lenses do you have out of interest? Share pics?

  • Hi lee, are you interested in sankor anamorphic or PanaLeica 25mm lenses?

  • @LeeM I thought I was speaking about 12-120's which are known to be the common lens that is soft, until stopped down to a 5.6. I do think there are some good Angenieux lenses and I don't know them all. Professionally the older 35mm 25-250 was a popular lens until the mid 90s.

    I didn't say anything negative about your lens. I also didn't see the price nestled between the video and stills, and it wasn't clear to me from the title that the lens is for sale.

    My bad, I thought it was a discussion about Angeniux lenses. I don't think writing something once is hijacking your thread.

    Good luck with the sale.

  • @LeeM Not that it is any of my business, however, is a bit special in that people need an account on that UK site and their login doesn't work so in my understanding it's really a country site for the UK and not worldwide like I didn't know you could list there being located outside of the UK. You might get better exposure on if you want a global sale.

  • No worries CFreak, thanks :)