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Smallest/Lights AP Point and Shoot Camera Reco's?
  • I've been on the fence about a Sony RX100 M3, but haven't really sold myself on it. I am wanting something as compact as possible, that takes sharp autofocus stills, but can also shoot great HD video. My objective is to build a super solid micro AP rig, in the form of a Blackout Spider Hex quad. ( I may build a gimbal setup on rails that sling beneath the hex, but that will be figured out once i figure out what my optimal camera will be. I'm looking under 300 grams, but under 250 grams would be even better.

    I have been a long time lurker here since buying a GH2 years ago and trying lots of patches you guys did shitloads of hard work to provide, and have come to love the options of a hackable camera provides. I would def. say spoiled by the GH2 patch community. I was about to settle on the new RX100 when I came across the Panasonic ZS line of cameras which seam about 50 grams lighter than the Sony's w/ a 16MP resolution similar to my old GH2, can't tell if hacks exist for any panasonic point and shoots though. does anyone know of any?

    What do folks here use, or what would you prefer in the smaller compact point-and-shoot options. Would you steer me away from the RX100 M3 for something more hackable?

    I've looked into the canon CHDK stuff too, and that is really neat, I just don't think I know of a canon that compares to the IQ of the RX100, or possibly that a ZS40 for example.

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  • Why don´t you consider the Panasonic GM1?

    Also EXTREMELY small and it produces very, very good video. Also price wise WAY more interesting than the RX100 Mark 3 (beside the facts, that it´s also remote controllable over WiFi AND it offers the option to change the lens - if you want to). Btw.: Weight wise also in your range: GM1 + 12-32mm = 240 grams. Or also perfectly fitting (I have this combo by myself): GM1 + 14-42mm ii ASPH = 280 grams. Both lenses are also optically stabilized (and with the 14-42 you also save a few additional bucks - That combo for example costs just about the HALF of the RX100 M3).

  • Heck yeah, these are the kinds of answers I'm looking for. The price of the RX100 is also something thats a bit high. I do love the idea of using my own lenses, as I've been advised that it may be best to use lensing that allows to disable the image stabilization built into the lenses, as micro vibrations can cause a lens artifacting jello effect from the built in stabilization being somewhat confused by its duties.

    I am going to look into the GM1 for the meantime until I get more suggestions, thank you Tscheckoff for your input, greatly appreciated.

  • Jeebus, I just watched some clips from this thing, its a freaking beast! (GM1) THIS is the image quality I felt I'd be losing by ditching the GH2, but panasonic is bringing me back to the darkside!

    This thing is slick. and 204 grams?! HELL YES. This seems perfect for Aerial photo use.

  • About the lenses: You can easily try out both. The 12-32mm GM1 kits are already quite cheap - And the 14-42mm ii ASPH you can get for just 80 up to 100€ used out of a GX7 Kit for example (at least here in Europe you can get it at that price). Btw.: Both lenses don´t have a hardware switch for the stabilizer - But you can disable it in the Menu quite easily / fast (and you can even save a custom profile - C1 or C2 for example - for the program selector wheel on top, where the stabilizer is disabled always).

    About the "jello effect" you mentioned: That you need to test out - As every lens reacts a little bit differently. That´s the point, why it´s maybe the best to try out both lenses (and keep the one you like more) - Or which is working better with the stabilizer activated ^^. And yes: The 12-32mm Kit is the lightest option (with 240 gramms) - Also offering a wider angle of view (which is quite nice for aerial usage).

  • Would you happen to have any example aerial footage you are happy with sharing? Only reason I ask is I could google 'GM1 Aerial' but a lot of videos I might find doesnt mean the people posting their videos necessarily know what theyre doing (settings wise) w their cameras, at least w my RX100 searches, I only found a couple that looked like they were not pretty compressed.

    Ok, so the 12-32 kit sounds awesome since the GM1 makes it a 24-64 anyways w the 2x crop factor of the M43 sensor in use. I suppose the only thing missing from this GM1 that would make it perfect is 1080/60p for slow motion aerials.

    I still cant believe this is an M43 cam, so crazy at this size.

    Also, is there really a 4K hack for the GM1? or is this guy just messing with people?

  • Sorry - But didn´t use the GM1 aerial wise til now. Just wanted to mention, that it´s a viable option (especially compared to the RX100 M3). But hey - It´s not THAT expensive at all. Just try it out by yourself - I am sure you will be happy with it. According the missing 60P mode: Well - You could also try out the GX7 - Also a nice option (also tried it out) - Altough you´re then at 430 grams (GX7 + 12-32mm for example). So way higher weight wise (and it´s also much bigger). But it´s offering the 60P mode. Altough: The price is way higher too - So maybe not THAT interesting any more.

    According the videos: I am sure they were shot with a GH4 - He´s just trying to draw attention on his videos - Or he just made an error (as there is just no 4K hack for the GM1 - At least not as far as I know ^^.) Or he just upscaled it to 4K (and post sharpened it quite intensively - who knows ^^).


  • Besides the 60p, the faster kit Lens on the RX100 M3 is also pretty attractive. That is, until I heard recently that the new F1.7 15mm Summilux lens may get end up getting paired with the GM1 as the replacement stock kit lens, which would make the GM1 an even better deal vs the RX100 but I may havr to wait this month out before buying a new camera. I hate waiting : /

  • Sure the RX100 M3 is attractive - It´s not without any reason at this high price point ^^. Btw. according the m4/3 bodies (GM1 and GX7): Check out the Panasonic 14mm F2.5 lens. WAY cheaper than the 15mm F1.7, even smaller and it´s also signifficantly lighter (55g vs. 115g). But the most important: You can get it NOW for a bargain price of around 150 to 200 bucks used (or around 250 to 300 bucks new). Sure it´s about one stop slower than the 15mm F1.7 (aperture wise) - But who cares ^^. At least it´s faster than the kit lenses at the wide angle - AND it´s also one stop FASTER than the 12-32 and 14-42mm ii ASPH. No need to wait ^^.

  • Excellent points man. i really appreciate all your professional advice. I think the GM1 might be my pony