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GX7 Hack Question
  • Trying to drum up interest here. It costs half as much as the GH4, and it uses the same sensor as the GH4, and the 1080p quality is near identical. Maybe even the same processors too.

    We know the priority is on the GH3 hacks right now - and the GH4 and GX7 haven't been de-crypted yet.

    Hopefully possible to dump the firmware and coding onto the GX7 in the not too distant future? It could potentially be an even cheaper 4K power house!

    The GX7 firmware:

    The GH4 firmware: [still waiting]

    Another thing interesting is that the mp4 bitrate on 24/25/30p is low compared to the AVCHD (averages 20Mbps vs 28Mbps), but the codec implementation of the mp4 and AVCHD is identical at 50/60P using 28Mbps. Hacking the bitrate higher on the mp4 mode would be ideal too.

    Anyway just wanted to put it out there that this little camera is damn amazing and is worth a shot, because it's pretty similar to the GH4 minus a few of the above features.


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  • I don't have GX7 body for now and do not have any intention (for now, again).

    Problem now is time.