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EasyRig users listen up! Flowcine Gravity One for sale!
  • I am selling my hardly used Flowcine Gravity One including hardcase. It is in a very good condition.

    It is a mechanical two-axis gimbal intended for use with the Easyrig. It can hold rigs up to 16kg (!!!) and doesn't require any batteries.

    There is one scratch on te outside (see photos) that doesn't affect the performance of the gimbal. During transport, I accidently locked the screw that locks the axis - never do that! The screw bend and scratched the surface of the metal. I didn't replace the screw because it is basically not necessary for operating it.

    Flowcine just released on upgrade for the bearings on the handle. This is highly recommended it you want even smoother operation!

    The reason I am selling it is that I happened to not invest into an Easyrig, which I planned on for this Spring. Unfortunately, I had to cut costs somehwere :-(

    The retail price in Germany is around 2450 Euro excl. VAT. Incl. VAT is a bit more than 2900 Euro.

    I would like to ask 2100 Euro incl. VAT. I think this is very reasonable for this condition.

    Item is located in Bremen, Germany. Shipping not incl.

    667 x 1000 - 99K
    1000 x 667 - 86K
    1000 x 667 - 88K
    667 x 1000 - 68K
    1000 x 667 - 71K
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  • New price is 1950 including vat. Or make an offer!

  • Any offers? Accepting lower offers now.

  • Greetings - interested, since I missed out on the Indiegogo campaign last year, but I am in Australia so there is no VAT for me but the shipping will be pretty high. I'd be looking at $USD 1500 plus shipping, only because I have access to CNC equipment and could make something similar customised to my requirements (not as pretty or functionality though) for about the same cost but I don't want to spend the time doing it!!

    Let me know if you would like to discuss further - photograjph gmail com

    Cheers Jeff

  • Greetings - no longer available or not interested in my previous enquiry? Cheers Jeff