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Feature length documentary shot in Iceland with GH2 & GH3
  • Dýrafjörður, a documentary on life, nature, and creativity is now available on The film was shot on a GH2, hacked with EOSHD's vanilla 44, then later Sanity 5, the GH3, and a couple shots and timelapses using the GH1. The film was cut using Adobe PP 5.5 and colored with film convert.

    Dyrafjordur Timeline.png
    1680 x 985 - 877K
    Dyrafjordur Title Contrasting landscape web.png
    960 x 540 - 1M
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  • That's really nicely done. Iceland is so beautiful.

  • Alas, the web site does not seem to be compatible with a current Firefox running under Linux. Where the trailer should be displayed, there's just an empty video tag without any media file references:

     < video preload="auto" class="vjs-tech" id="main_video_html5_api"></video >
  • Thank you! @johnnymossville

    @Karl Thanks for the heads up, I will forward that on to the guys at Reelhouse.

  • @Imagitoriam Congrats on completing film. I was on a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and couldn't play trailer. Watched on computer - looks great.

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