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Exporter for Adobe Premiere for ProRes and hevc h.265
  • Cinemartin is proud to release a plugin for various NLE editors, initially for Adobe Premiere Pro, that allow users to export sequence timeline to all versions of prores and to HEVC H.265.

    Do you own a camcorder or recorder that records to Prores, like blackmagic Production Camera, BMD 4K, an Atomos Ninja, Samurai or Convergent Design Oddisey recorder (CD has updated to include prores as recording format) or do you own or will you own the new Blackmagic Design URSA.

    All of this product have the ability to record to prores, so well you can have a superb videos ready for edit, but, heyy, a windows user ? well you can convert your videos to prores using Cinec, but, what for your edit sequences ? So, you back your prores to your Windows computer, then you choose Adobe premiere for edit those superb videos and .. now you want to export that videos to .. ey ¿? you wnat to preserve that excellence picture that comes in prores but you can't export to prores on a pc ..

    Here is where comes Cinemartin Cinec Plin, to Export your timeline sequences from Adobe Premiere and other NLE's to prores and to h265.

    Video hands on:

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  • I hope they make a plugin for Davinci Resolve. This would be the end of hackintosh meddling and different hdd formats for me.

  • The HEVC H.265 codec is awesome. Super small file sizes whilst retaining excellent video quality. I attempted to purchase this plugin but there is a problem with their website ;-( Download the H.265 sample from their website pretty impressive.

  • Does it do pulldown?

  • Hello, purchase of this plugin is available from now (pre-order). Will be released end this month / begginning May.

    Pre-orders are available at

  • Yes, do pulldown &or pullup. Available resolutions include 1920x1080, 3840x2160, 4096x2160

  • No beta available for trial?

  • Not demo or beta available at this time. Watch the video or wait till end this month or beggining next for trial

  • @goodyes I'm looking at the standalone version and I don't see an option for pulldown. Also there is a frame rate for 24 but not 23.976, does it do 23.976? Anyway to customize the presets? Thanks.

  • Hi DrDave, standalone app, Cinec (not Cinec Plin), currently have no feature for pullup / down resolution. That feature (scale up or down resolution) with the ability for customize some presets values will be available on next release. Cinec currently features change framerate to 24, 25, 30, 60, etc .. but currently no way for 23.978 to 24p, just wait for next versions or get a +1 year of free upgrades

  • Please, contract someone who helps you in the graphics, interface and general visual appearence and details to look more profesional.

  • Are you sure you dont like ?

    1116 x 414 - 105K
  • HQ h.265 for €400? Non Merci.

  • go for sorenson at 10 thousands, jeje std h.265 + prores + dnxhd + xdcam for 99€

  • You can buy the pro version of NeatVideo from a company that offers support for €85. I'm sorry but I think you're pricing yourself out of the market, especially if you're targeting amateur/independent filmmakers/enthusiasts, which you must be if you're soliciting here. Lower your pro package to €100 and you might find yourself generating some interest in your product. €400 is ridiculous for what will eventually probably be a free, open-source app.

  • Sorry, but Cinec support is excellence compared to others, just look at the website or at the Facebook to see what people says about Cinec support. I'm not pricing myself, but seems that you're the kind of boy that if it is not free then it is no good, oh well, or please lower the price. 400€uros or 999 is a price that some big players had pay for Cinec, as companies like RED, Panasonic and more use & are customers of this software. The Plin Plugin here mentioned is available for 99€. If you don't like i cant close the thread, im non trying to promote that software here. I publish here caue some months ago, Vitaly publish aabout that software. Cheers