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Panasonic G6 Spring promotion - help please...
  • Hi,

    long time PV user - first time poster.

    I'd like to ask some opinions - Here in the UK Panasonic are about to launch a spring promotion (it's a bit hush hush) the deal is, you buy a GH3, and get the battery grip and a 22mm 1.4 Panny lens thrown in for good measure. (could be a 24mm though) anyway, I currently shot with a G6 making music videos and youtube stuff, but I do occasionally shoot higher end stuff. Do i trade in the G6 (and pray it then doesn't get hacked the week after) and trade up to the GH3, or stick with the G6?

    I like the weather sealing feature, and the higher bitrates, but i'll miss peaking...

    I read somewhere that the GH3 has a smaller sensor - is this right?

    Will i see a big jump in quality? And if not is this deal too good to miss?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • You will get faster and better response if you will use G6 or GH3 main big topics.

  • Thanks do i pull the old post?

  • @Spinsterboy

    You can use same post (but you can cut meat on deal details :-) ), I think GH3 topic is best.

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