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Ultrakam iphone app, shoot 2k on 5S?
  • Sorry if a topic exist, has anyone heard of or tried it?

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  • Heard but not tried. As I understand it allows slightly higher resolution and bigger bitrate.

  • Looks neat. The 2K option (at 24p) is only for the 5S, unfortunately.

    I use FiLMiC Pro, which is (aside from the 2K thing) is a much more flexible solution. (Cheaper, too.)

  • Including a nice color correction effect which makes hands of people using iPhones look like chicken wings

  • I was quite pleased with quality of the footage shot with this app. Be sure to download the original clip to really see the details. I also have the Moviepro app, but the quality isn't nowhere near this. Anyone have info about the developer? Updating this app with manual controls would be awesome.