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    Forget about meat, seriously. Save the cows! Upss...
    • Sweden ranks poorly in overconsumption tables, particularly meat.

      "We have a large import based consumption, often with fossil-based production. We have a high meat consumption, also from imports. Therefore Sweden remains poorly placed in this league".

      "If everyone would live as Swedes do, it would reportedly require 4.2 globes. We therefore take more resources than when the last report came out two years ago when we lived as if there were 3,7 globes."

    2 comments 3 comments Vitaliy_KiselevOctober 27Last reply - October 29 by MaxDepth Subscribe to this blog
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    Capitalism: Energy and idiots
    • Concentrations of energy are what lead to wealth disparity–some people “own” businesses and capital goods, and some people (but not others) receive advanced education or other specialized training. All of these things allow a relatively small number of privileged people to receive a greater share of the output of the economy. This leaves less for the rest. As the result of this wage disparity, the economy ends up with too many people either dropping out of the work force, or earning low wages.

      Gail Tverberg being vivid capitalism warrior, warrior for zoological, animal individualism, finally found the cause for all problems - wrong energy behaviour. :-)

      Worst even, she like drunk captain in panic assume all people in the crew to be sharing her values and interests, so they just willingly want to vanish with capitalism intact.

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    Story of idiots: Pigeons are smarter than humans, well, sometimes
    • The “Monty Hall Dilemma” (MHD) is a well known probability puzzle in which a player tries to guess which of three doors conceals a desirable prize. After an initial choice is made, one of the remaining doors is opened, revealing no prize. The player is then given the option of staying with their initial guess or switching to the other unopened door. Most people opt to stay with their initial guess, despite the fact that switching doubles the probability of winning. A series of experiments investigated whether pigeons (Columba livia), like most humans, would fail to maximize their expected winnings in a version of the MHD. Birds completed multiple trials of a standard MHD, with the three response keys in an operant chamber serving as the three doors and access to mixed grain as the prize. Across experiments, the probability of gaining reinforcement for switching and staying was manipulated, and birds adjusted their probability of switching and staying to approximate the optimal strategy. Replication of the procedure with human participants showed that humans failed to adopt optimal strategies, even with extensive training.


    1 comment 2 comments Vitaliy_KiselevOctober 27Last reply - October 28 by MaxDepth Subscribe to this blog
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    Note to Rec 2020 proponents
    • The colors specified in ITU 2020 are at the outside edge of the CIE diagram. Any point along the outside edge of the CIE diagram is a single wavelength. It effectively means in order to get out there the bandwidth of each color is going to be extremely narrow.


      And this means that color filters on microlenses must be same narrow ones (if you want to capture such true colors).
      And this means that sensitivity of cameras will drop dramatically.

      So, big part of so called "color science" now is to have wide color filters (wider than even for Rec 709) for sensitivity and try to push colors using math.

      With display it is all in reverse. You need laser light sources or special QDOT backlight, and it will be hard to keep same brightness, let alone HDR.

    1 comment 2 comments Vitaliy_KiselevOctober 26Last reply - October 29 by MaxDepth Subscribe to this blog
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    Capitalism: Neutrality myth
    • Recent research from Harvard Business School suggests that Wikipedia has become increasingly balanced in the course of its 15-year history. An analysis of political articles shows that the site was once heavily biased toward the left, but has steadily drifted toward the center, to the point that many entries are now about as neutral as their counterparts in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

      As soon as someone starts tell you about some neutrality, ability to unite all interests of different classes, just slap him in the face.

    1 comment 2 comments Vitaliy_KiselevOctober 26Last reply - October 27 by Tailschao Subscribe to this blog
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    Camera Sales: All is worse and worse
    • According to Japan-based BCN, DSLR camera sales volume and value in the Japan market in June 2016 shrank 35.4% and 39.3%, respectively, on year, Digitimes Research indicated. Canon and Nikon were the two largest DSLR camera vendors in June.


      Canon Inc third quarter operating profit fell 48 percent, hurt by a strengthened yen following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

      Operating profit for the three months ended Sept. 30 declined to 40 billion yen ($383.62 million) from 77.3 billion yen a year earlier. Five analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters estimated an average third quarter operating profit of 58.3 billion yen.

      The world’s biggest maker of cameras and printers also lowered its operating profit forecast for the year through December to 235 billion yen from a 265 billion yen estimate in July. ($1 = 104.2700 yen) (Reporting by Tim Kelly; Editing by Muralikumar Anantharaman)

      Shit happens.

    29 comments 30 comments Vitaliy_KiselevOctober 26Last reply - November 21 by caveport Subscribe to this blog
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    Good Quote: On Democracy
    • Faith in “democracy” in general, as a universal panacea, and failure to understand that this democracy is bourgeois democracy, historically limited in its usefulness and its necessity, have for decades and centuries been particularly characteristic of the petty bourgeoisie of all countries.

      The big bourgeois is case-hardened; he knows that under capitalism a democratic republic, like every other form of state, is nothing but a machine for the suppression of the proletariat. The big bourgeois knows this from his most intimate acquaintance with the real leaders and with the most profound (and therefore frequently the most concealed) springs of every bourgeois state machine.

      The petty bourgeois, owning to his economic position and his conditions of life generally, is less able to appreciate this truth, and even cherishes the illusion that a democratic republic implies “pure democracy”, “a free people’s state”, the non-class or supra-class rule of the people, a pure manifestation of the will of the people, and so on and so forth. The tenacity of these prejudices of the petty-bourgeois democrat is inevitably due to the fact that he is farther removed from the acute class struggle, the stock exchange, and “real” politics; and it would be absolutely un-Marxist to expect these prejudices to be eradicated very rapidly by propaganda alone.

      V. Lenin

    1 comment 2 comments Vitaliy_KiselevOctober 26Last reply - October 26 by MaxDepth Subscribe to this blog
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