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    Hover Camera
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      Hover Camera - the first truly consumer-friendly autonomous flying camera designed to be safe, portable and let anyone effortlessly capture exciting moments indoors and out, from creative new perspectives. Using Embedded AI to intelligently navigate its environment and the Qualcomm® Snapdragon Flight™ drone platform, Hover Camera captures exciting moments, whether snapping an aerial family vacation photo, capturing the perfect shot from above the rim at a basketball game, or recording your wedding while you walk down the aisle.

      Thanks to its innovative protective, and foldable carbon fiber enclosure design, Hover Camera is safe and easy to use out of the box and requires no learning curve. Simply unfold Hover Camera and power it on, let it lift off of your fingers, and capture thrilling video and photos from unique angles as it hovers steadily in place.

      Hover Camera Product Features:

      • 13 MP Photos & 4K Video: Capture and relive your memories in lifelike quality
      • Follow Your Face and Body: Tracks your face and body to always keep you in the picture, even on the go
      • Electronic Image Stabilization: Uses proprietary technology to intelligently and digitally stabilized photos and video, correcting camera shakes or jitters from the final footage
      • Release & Hover: As soon as you let go, Hover Camera will hover steady in place to allow you to quickly and easily capture any moment
      • Throw & Balance: Throw Hover Camera and it will intuitively balance itself for the best shot
      • Portable & Lightweight: At just 238 grams, below the FAA 250 gram Hobbyist Drone Registration weight limit, Hover Camera is portable and convenient to carry for any photo worthy moments
      • 360 Pano: Spinning while in a fixed position, Hover Camera captures 360 degrees of panoramic video footage
      • Self-Positioning: Using sonar and a ground facing camera, Hover Camera hovers in place so that it's able to be positioned "anywhere" in space like an invisible tripod, even in windy conditions

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    22nd of April
    • Today is the birthday of Vladimir Lenin.


      Biggest enemy of capitalists.

      Each day tens of thousands of them wake up fully wet from the fear that usual people they exploit will read his books and follow his ideas.
      Let's turn their horrible dreams into reality!

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    4 comments 5 comments Vitaliy_KiselevApril 19Last reply - April 20 by jleo Subscribe to this blog
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    Capitalism: Why sometimes they need to blow up airports
    • The European Parliament in Strasbourg approved on Thursday, 14 April, the agreement establishing a registry of personal data of air passengers — a unified database that will allow sharing information collected by EU airline during the reservation and registration with the police and judicial authorities, according to France 24.

      Database of passengers — the Passenger Name Record (PNR) — will allow to transmit information to the 27 EU countries out of 28 (except Denmark, which is not used in the project). Airlines will have to enter in the system the names and addresses of passengers, passport numbers and Bank cards, date of departure, destination and baggage information.

      Of course, no one intent to monitor terrorists (as you need some brain damage otherwise due to simple fact that terrorists did not bought anything) and it is just stupid to make database to monitor your own people.

      Main idea is to monitor any political or unions activists.

    3 comments 4 comments Vitaliy_KiselevApril 18Last reply - April 18 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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