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Interview concerning GH3

Here it is

: The interview with Markus Matthes, Senior Product Manager of Panasoniic Germany.

We got many answers, however many questions were not answered.
Find the answers to the questions in bold.
We collected all unanswered questions, and I have been offered by Panasonic to send these to them. Panasonic Germany will forward these questions to Japan, to get the answers from there.
We will see.

IMPORTANT: I could not ask all the questins below. I talked a lot before and after the interview, I tried out a lot. I've answered all the questions to the best of my knowledge. I hope they are all correct, but I can not give a guarantee. When there is “No information”, I either could not ask the question or find an answer, or there was just no information available from the Panasonic people. They did not get all technical information from Japan, and the people we talked to were not technicians, but either PR or marketing people.

I hope this information is useful to you. Please also have a look at the video interview. There may be things I have missed here.

Also, I LIKED THE GH3. It had a good feel and I was very impressed with the low light detail and sharpnes in the videos. No matter if it has 4:2:0 or not, it will be a very good camera. Perhaps not all what we have expected or hoped for, but there may be alterations in the final firmeware, firmware updates and there is Vitaliy :)

Questions list


4:2:0, 8 bit.

No Information. Better Dynamic Range yes, they have implemented a new Low-pass filter but no information from Japan, how many stops DR

“No comment”

No direct answer, but he said many users did not notice the multi aspect sensor at all.


Confirmed, extended to 125 to 25,600

Confirmed, but only in 1080/24 and 25p as well as 720/50P

!! Only slower and faster replay, not changed FPS. (seems like wrong answer!)

Confirmed, but looks at the specs. I am not 100% sure.

Confirmed. Much faster reaction time. Contrast: 10,000 : 1

Sync to studio code is not possible at that stage. Only record run and free run.

They did not know. We tried, but it did not work, that does not have to mean anything (also firmware is beta 0.4 version). Maybe. Should be.

Probably. I tried, but did not have the time to find out fur sure.

1/30 to 1/4000 with auto focus. With MF ½ to 1/4000

With the new 12 – 35 and 35 to 100. The other lenses might be also a bit faster, but really only with the new ones.

Yes. You can choose if with or without camera information.

Possible, but no definitive answer.

A new low band pass filter is installed but otherwise no information.

Yes, but seemingly the GH3 will stop recording, drop a frame and then start immediately to record again, without visible break (depending on the filmed subject).

I saw a Gamma shift when I pressed record in the EVF. If that is also in the HDMI out, there is no information.

More, but no information with numbers from Japan.

!! To what I have seen no.

640 x 480 I think

Look at the specs. I think it is mentioned there.

You mean Auto Tracking? We do not know if it works in the GH3.



802.11 b/g/n, 2412 MHz - 2462 MHz (11ch), Wi-Fi/WPA/WPA2, Infrastructure mode

Look at the press announcement. 2 more lenses are planned. One 42,5 1.2 and the other I do not remember.

I would not go into a Monsun with it.

Not sure, but several ones depending on the recording format. Maybe it is in the video.

As far as I know it the MOV recording linear uncompressed PCM stereo.


Yes, but no further information

Yes, but no explanation why and how. ??? Does the GH3 sensor supports the multi-aspect ratio capability, as one of the GH2? !!! No multi Aspect. Confirmed, it is 4:3 ??? A shutter to take photos without sound? !!! Yes. ??? What is the max ISO Auto ISO will use for Stills? !!! I do not know the AUTO ISO. Normal Confirmed 200 – 12.800 extended to 125 to 25.600

Check the last part of the press conference video. There I shoot burst with RAW and with JEPG. Raw was only lasting one or 2 seconds and then slowed down very much, JPEG was on “H”, (second fastest) I think 6 fps, and it had life view. You can see it in the Video.

Confirmed. The GH3 takes 3 pictures and joins it together to one HDR picture

I think the same as normal shutter, but I am not sure.

Confirmed, to be set from a smartphone. I do not know if you can also set it in the camera, but I would think so.

I had a quick look into the bracketing menu and all looked familiar. I do not know, if they extended the range in any regard.


The GH3 has a SH version, faster than the “H”. I tried it and it was silent shutter. I do not know how many fps though.**

In RAW definitively not. Only 1 or 2 seconds, than it slows down. Check the last part of the press conference video. There I shoot burst with RAW and with JEPG.

Yes, studio flashs can by syncronized.

14-140mm for 1799. And 12-35 for 2199 (I am not 100% sure on the prices. But they are officially stated somewheren)

No information



No information

Confirmed around 300 €

Confirmed, can focus, Zoom (with the electronic Zoom lenses) and press shutter remotely Auto transfer function for photos to tablet and phone

They had an app in display but only 2 cameras worked with the WiFi. I could not play with it.

No, photos yes, video no. Direct upload to facebook etc possible, also , if you are in the Lumix club, you can store 1000 potos online in the could for free.

I only heard mid to end of November, and that they will have sufficient numbers

I think no

No information

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