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Asset - Screenwriters

(List of Those Persons Willing to Write our Script) Anyone, PV member or friend-thereof, etc. who wishes to nominate their self for the role of final screenwriter please make yourself known here, also add a ”+” on the end of the name if that person is whilling to write in a team.

- 1. @lolo ”+” (I have written 3 feature scripts before(in spanish), but none of them has seen the light because i´m not a good salesman (as i also wanted to direct them, and also because i have never try to immpose my view of a written script but let the persono who reads it make his own vision of it, if he think is good, than that would mean to me more))

- 2. @elenion ”+” i took many classes of screenwriting and wrote many short novels. I write every short, tv-show, videoart screenplay of my cinema association. English is not my native language (even if i can speak it well) then i can't make it by myself.

- 3. @atticusd ”+” I've written some short fiction and poetry both in Spanish and English. Around the house there's three or four unproduced scripts; one of them for an hour long mockumentary. I'm planning on shooting this one on the next couple of months. In any case you can read some of my stuff at If you think I suck you can sign me off this list. I won't hold it against you. ;-)

- 4. @imaginate ”+” I've written two documentaries and one feature length screenplay and have developed story structures for two other completed screenplays written by other writers. I can help with story structure and notes for who ever ends up writing the meat of the story

- 5. @paginate ”+” Colleague of imaginate. I've produced, directed, shot, and edited more than 25 short movies in the 90s, for local exhibition of audiences from 40- to 2,000-people, mostly music videos or comedic videos (some or news style trailers etc. for documentary genre). I've written three feature (spec) screenplays (with no sales to date) and am writing a short and two more features in 2012. Syd Field, Robert McKee, Pilar Alessandra are my three inspirations for screenwriting. Use David Trottier's THE SCREENWRITER'S BIBLE and Christopher Riley's THE HOLLYWOOD STANDARD for “how-to” guidelines. Have studies international cinema at two different universities in Canada. Have also studied playwriting and American Drama at university. (Would prefer to be more of a sounding board in this group for now. Request voting rights).

- 5. Martin Lancaster ”+” I’m a screenwriter and narrative designer with over eight years of industry experience crafting stories for video games and film.

I recently joined Guerrilla Games (SCEE) in Amsterdam as their inhouse writer/narrative designer. I was previously lead story designer at Crytek where I helped create and develop the multi-award-winning Crysis franchise, published by Electronic Arts. My role includes concept development, writing pitches, treatments, dialogue scripts, marketing material, and design documentation, directing cinematic designers and storyboard artists, casting, and voice direction.

In my spare time I write screenplays, several of which have been independently produced by filmmakers from as far afield as Australia, Canada, England, India, and the United States.

My screenplays are represented by Barbara Bitela of the WGA signatory Silver-Bitela Agency

I also dabble in journalism, filmmaking, film criticism, photography, video editing, short stories, and a novel that never ends.

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