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InterBEE 2018

Place - Makuhari Messe 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-City, Chiba Prefecture 261-0023, Japan

  • Nov. 14th (Wed.) 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Nov. 15th (Thu.) 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Nov. 16th (Fri.) 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Site -

Main Area

Booths plan


Meetup place 10:00 Nov. 16th

Booth: Hall 1 / Booth 1501

Items of interest - Their shotgun microphones - XLR and also on camera like CMX-30 and anything other new

Info links -



Booth: Hall 1 / Booth 1506

Items of interest - Their shotgun microphones and anything other new.

Note! We already have interviews about Sanken CS-M1, CS-3e and CSR-2

Info links -

Location See above

STAX Limited

Booth: Hall 1 / Booth 1115

Items of interest - Their entry level and also top of the line electrostatic headphones, detailed long interview, if possible!

Info links - and


Boya and Saramonic, visit only

Booth: Hall 2 / Booths 2210 and 2206

Items of interest - Just say hello from Personal View. Can make short video without questions about Boya new mikes.

Info links - None

Location -

Grass Valley

Booth: Hall 3 / Booth 3506

Items of interest - Development history of Edius, plans, user feedback and such, interview with developers

Contact person - Atsushi Kataoka, if he will be out of the booth temporaty, go to Diety and return after this, can ask at the press desk so they ask him to call you later

Info links -



Diety Japan

Booth: Hall 3 / Booth 3604

Items of interest - Their BMPCC 4K cage and also Lupo RGB light (separate interview each)

Info links -

Location - see above

Go to different hall location


Booth: Hall 7 / Booth 7207

Items of interest - Sony HXR-NX200 Camcorder

Info links -



Booth - Hall 8 / Booth 8215

Items of interest - Their new cinema line lenses - 28mm T1.5 FF, 40mm T1.5 FF and 105mm T1.5 FF models

Info link -

Location See above


Booth - Hall 7 / Booth 7614

Items of interest - JVC HC500/HC550 and other (bigger) connected camcorders, in details

Info link -


Location - see above


Booth - Hall 5 / Booth 5603

Items of interest - Moza Air 2 Gimbal

Info link -

Location -

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