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Delevopment tools information

IDA disassembler

You'll need IDA Pro 5.0 Free.
This disassembler can be downloaded here -

MN103 Processor module v1.10 for IDA Pro 5.0

All Panasonic cameras use LSI with MN103S command set.
So, this processor module is reqired for working with disassembled databases.
Made specially for freeware version of IDA.
Please download it here -

WinGraph for IDA Pro

Specially modified WinGraph software for closer integration with IDA.
Allows faster navigation and searching within graph.
Place downloaded file in your IDA folder.

More information on WinGraph development is available on WinGraph page.

Available here -

MN103 Integrated Development Enviroment

This thing consist of special editor
with MN103 integrated assembler support,
integrated preprocessor for assembler and few other things.

Also included is GCC compiler build from sources by DaLiV.

IDE is very easy to install under any Windows version.


Current version of IDE (1.1) is available to download at (8.5Mb only)

Version history

mnIDE v1.0 - initial release.

mnIDE v1.1 Improvements * Ability to compile real functions from firmware using one file only (added .start_address, .symbol_start and .symbol_end directives) * Added “assemb.idc” script to make ready to compile file for any function. * Assembler fix for calls (by DaLiV) * few IDE interface fixes * few lexer fixes * Recent files list * Storing window size and position

Using assemb.idc.

# Load IDA and GH1 firmware database. # Load IDC file assemb.idc. # Locate required function. # Place cursor inside this function. # Press “Ctrl-F11”. # Script ask you about file name and placement to save assembler listing. # After completion you can open file in mnIDE and use “Compile Simple” to make binary file.

Information about other tools

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