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  • EASTWEST is offering 50% off the retail prices of two titles: EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA and PIANOS on all purchases made through March 31, 2012.

    Eecorded by 11-time Grammy nominated classical recording engineer Prof. Keith O. Johnson, and produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, the EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA is the most awarded orchestral collection ever, and the only orchestral collection to be recorded in a "state of the art" concert hall where orchestras mainly perform.

    EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP PIANOS is the most detailed collection of the world's finest grand pianos ever recorded and includes a Bechstein D-280, Steinway D, Bösendorfer 290, and Yamaha C7, each recorded with 3 mixable mic positions. "These are real acoustic piano sounds. I'm absolutely amazed. EastWest/Quantum Leap has gone the extra mile to provide stunning quality acoustic piano character - the whole collection is superb!" said 12-time Grammy winning pianist and composer Herbie Hancock. "The new meaning of heavyweight. Players agreed that EastWest/Quantum Leap has by far the most detailed and biggest-sounding pianos of the bunch." Said KEYBOARD Magazine. The PLAY interface includes impulses from the same hall the producers used to record Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Choirs so the pianos can blend with those collections


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  • Is there an advantage to using Platinum over Gold ? Gold has 16-bit and stage mics vs 24-bit and 3-mics in Platinum. Seems to be the same sounds.

    My ears cannot distinguish between 16-bit and 24-bit compositions. Its cheaper for me to transcribe some classical piano pieces and render it with orchestral samples instead of paying for someone else's rendition.

  • I've used those samples since they were first released - literally, talked to Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix at NAMM and ordered them before they started shipping them and got Gold (the Native Instruments version) in early 2004.

    I added Platinum later on.

    If you haven't tried both versions for yourself, it is difficult to appreciate what a difference the 3-mic positions make over just the stage 1, especially if you don't have the time or inclination to do a lot of additional processing with other plug-ins.

    There are a lot of other fantastic orchestral libraries out there (and I enjoy using several of them), but few give as much content for as little money.

  • To clarify, that was about EWQL Symphonic Orchestra.

    I'm less of a fan of Quantum Leap Pianos and use it less than a tenth as often as Bluthner Digital Model One (even though I paid for the former and was given the latter as a review copy).

  • Just got to install and use my copy on OSX. Didn't notice that it did not include Piano samples - EWQLSO. My bad :-(

  • I also pulled the trigger on the 75% off christmas sale... will post my thoughts as soon as the HD arrives. (CCC & HS)

  • 50% discount is active until january 31