Lighting gear Sun, 18 Mar 18 05:27:23 -0600 Lighting gear en-CA Light meter for video Thu, 15 Sep 2011 02:48:22 -0600 stonebat 946@/talks/discussions

My friend was taking strobist shots without a light meter. It was... like finding a needle in a haystack. Countless number of shots... until he got it right. I wonder if a light meter is useful for speeding up adjusting video lighting.]]>
Sekonic L-308X Light Meter Thu, 01 Mar 2018 07:29:50 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 19109@/talks/discussions

Sekonic announced the new Flashmate L-308X light meter

The Flashmate L-308X builds on the popular L-308 series of light meters, combining a familiar blend of compact and intuitive design with the very latest features, making it the ideal light meter for today’s filmmakers and photographers.

The pocket-sized Sekonic L-308X is packed with all of the latest functions, including all of those found in the L308S and L-308DC light meters. Features such as a customised new screen display and LCD backlight, Aperture (F) Priority photo mode and ISO 850, to match the native ISO of Canon cinema cameras like the C300, make the L-308X one of the most versatile and affordable photo/cine light meters available today.


Kenji Sawai, Sekonic Executive Office of Sales and Marketing, commented, “With just one camera, today’s shooters have become multimedia image makers. We have used our expertise and experience as a recognised industry leader in light measuring tools to create the perfect entry-level hybrid light meter for today’s up-and-coming photographers and filmmakers”

Key Features

  • Three meters in one: Photo/HD Cine/CINE modes for all imagemakers
  • Photo Mode: (Ambient) T priority, F priority and EV modes
  • (Flash) Cord and Cordless flash mode
  • HD Cine Mode: (Ambient) T priority, Lux/Fc mode, frame rate setting
  • CINE Mode: (Ambient) Frame rate priority, Lux/Fc mode, shutter angle setting
  • Automatic LCD backlight (activates under EV5 lighting)
  • Switchable Incident/Reflected light measurement and removable lumidisc
  • Calibration compensation from ‐1.0 to +1.0 in 0.1 step increments
  • Intuitive and compact design that fits into your pocket

Basic Specifications (measuring range at ISO 100)

  • Ambient: EV0 to 19.9
  • Flash: F1.0 to F90.9
  • Lux: 2.5 to 190,000lx
  • Foot‐candle: 0.23 to 17,000fc
  • Power source: One AA battery

The Sekonic L-308X will be available from early March. Samples will be on the JPD stand (B122) at The Photography Show

Price: £215 SRP

Aputure COB 300d LS C300D LED Fresnel Light Sat, 29 Jul 2017 02:29:09 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17424@/talks/discussions

YONGNUO YN300 Air Tue, 30 Jan 2018 22:04:06 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18894@/talks/discussions image


High CRI portable light.

Price starts at $40.

Cheap Powerful Godox SL60W LED Fresnel below $199 Sun, 03 Sep 2017 09:03:05 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17664@/talks/discussions Godox 60W CRI 95 light

Light quality is around CAME fresnels, means good.

AC only operation.


Nanguang Fresnel attachment (10-40 degrees)


Yongnuo YN100 Led Light Thu, 25 Jan 2018 23:32:07 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18867@/talks/discussions

Small studio - Indoor Lighting solutions suggestions 2018 Tue, 26 Dec 2017 05:57:57 -0700 konjow 18568@/talks/discussions Godox SL60 is a good light for fill or rim/hear light. Godox SL200 and Aputure 300w could be a good key option. Godox SL200 has bad reviews (even here) and Aputure seems to be good but Im looking for samething cheaper - does not need to work on battery but need to be 200/300W for a good key light.

Any suggestions for Sudio Key light to comlet SL60?

What are the alternative to at the moment or in comming 2018?

I like the Bowens options.

HIVE WASP 100-C 5-chip color blending led light Mon, 18 Dec 2017 09:45:49 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18511@/talks/discussions image


  • 100 W power consumption
  • 5 led chips - red, amber, lime, cyan, sapphire
  • CRI 98, TLCI 97 (not astonishing numbers, normal single chip leds show same results, see our lab)
  • 1,650 to 8,000K adjustable color temperature
  • 22 degree spot light, and 4 lenses for correction
  • DMX interface
  • HIVE SHOT Smartphone App able to control up to 8 lights
  • 191mm length
  • 2.3 kg
  • 178,000 yen price


FalconEyes CLL High Powered LED Fresnels Thu, 28 Sep 2017 09:50:26 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17858@/talks/discussions

Making cheap studio LED light Wed, 15 Nov 2017 08:45:37 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18240@/talks/discussions First you need 5xsockets kit with softbox (or pair) and stand


Look at ones with individual socket switches on the back ala Neewer. Still sometimes you could fit only 4 bulbs, In this case you could need E26 to E26 (in EU it is E27) socket extender.


After this you need to get packs of LED bulbs

Lower CRI ones

High 90+ CRI Ones

So totally it'.. be $100 for 80W of CRI 95 light, not bad.

Anthem One Light Tue, 28 Nov 2017 10:14:35 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18339@/talks/discussions image

Example of light made by designer.

Look, it even got good design award -

Venting holes seems to be really small (can compare to Aputure 300W light). And rise question on heat problems. Hope all is good.


Good idea to have ability to change COB LED part. Yet it includes funny step on adding thermal compound and doing it very carefully, as errors in this step lead to permanently damaged COB LED.


Here lifespan estimation is very optimistic. Even caps usually die much sooner.
Noise figures also questionable and need independent lab tests.
Including such thing as new physics invention of fan not making any noise at 3 inches.


And price is $1500 for one without any battery option (with battery it is $2500).

Note that same power 200W Godox with better CRI is $350.

Flash and strobes usage Mon, 10 Sep 2012 12:50:43 -0600 alcomposer 4528@/talks/discussions Hey everyone.

I thought that I would start a topic regarding equipment for FLASH photography. No need to be GH2 centric- but would be good to play nice with the GH2.

There is no TTL (Through The Lens) metering system of 3rd party Flashes that is Panasonic compatible, thus everything you buy for GH2 will be manual. This is no super big issue, as the moment you bounce the flash off the ceiling your TTL dies anyway.

Also note that many clients now days need more than just a simple video package. Many need images, and adding a big flash unit does help this (not only for the light- but also helps client respect).

And to be honest providing services such that we provide should not involve us giving away jobs to other companies. If its out of your comfort zone don't worry- however nothing wrong with offering photography in the package. Learn a few 'key' setups and simply take the photo.

You will also find that continuous lighting is VERY costly for images as you are normally not taking a photo at 1/50 of a second. You will also be able to create studio quality images and learn more about lighting.

There are MANY great and cheep Flash units out there currently- and they are only getting better.

Currently I have a YongNuo YN-560ii (RRP $70 ebay) which I am very happy with, (and will be getting a few more for 2 point lighting) I will mainly be using this with a radio frequency trigger.

Share below your Flash gear and thoughts.

Cheers, A

BIRTV 2017: Nanguang MixPad Bi-Color Led Lights Mon, 30 Oct 2017 06:55:19 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18089@/talks/discussions



BIRTV 2017: Nanguang RGB88 Led Lighting Wand Mon, 30 Oct 2017 06:47:38 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18088@/talks/discussions


Aputure LS-Mini20 and Tri-8s Lights Sun, 09 Oct 2016 19:20:10 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 15860@/talks/discussions Aputure LS-Mini20 light interview

Aputure Amaran Tri-8s Led Light Interview

BIRTV 2017: Ledgo LG-D1200MC Led Fresnel Light Fri, 20 Oct 2017 08:02:11 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18029@/talks/discussions

BIRTV 2017: Ledgo Versatile LED Mat 2 Bi color led flexible light Fri, 20 Oct 2017 08:02:57 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18030@/talks/discussions

BIRTV 2017: Lishuai LS J-500 50W Led Fresnel Light Mon, 16 Oct 2017 07:54:39 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17999@/talks/discussions

80W Affordable High CRI LED Fresnel Mon, 05 Jun 2017 15:03:04 -0600 konjow 17100@/talks/discussions Found this looks interesting bowel mount possible but not confirmed yet



Edge Lit Pro LED Light Tue, 19 Sep 2017 10:35:32 -0600 shoe_e 17787@/talks/discussions image

I came across the Savage Edge Lit Pro LED Light while on the Fstoppers website and I was intrigued.

I was intrigued because I love these new SMD Ultra-slim LED Panels everyone is releasing. I was intrigued because Joe Edelman really knows his stuff and if he's using something it's usually pretty good. I was really intrigued though, because I had seen it before. It's not the first time we've come across something that has multiple brandings or distributors, like Godox, Flashpoint, Cheeta, Neewer, etc. So when I saw Savage showing this light on their website, listed at $311.99, also at BH and Adorama, I was like "EFFFFFFF NO!" I literally sounded out the letter F to be clear.

Why was I so pissed off you ask? Simply because I had seen this light before and I had seen it long before Savage released it. See I dedicate an hour of my day, early morning to be exact, for R&D. I scour the interwebs searching for new Photo/Video tech just to see what's out there. In the spirit of this forum, I'm always looking for alternatives and cheaper yet equally good solutions. In my searches, I had already come across the Yidoblo LED PE-920II as well as its brother, the LED PD-920II. As far as I can tell, the only difference in these models is that the PE-920II comes with a remote, which is something we'll get to because it's an important note, as you'll see.

Who the heck is Yidoblo you may ask, as I did. Yidoblo is a subsidary of the Foshan Meidike Photographic Equipment CO. LTD, also brand themselves as Dison. If you visit their website, they have sh**load of lighting products, which if you have spent time on ebay, Aliexpress, or any other international marketplace, you may recognize. Some of their products can be found on Amazon as well.

Let's check out the specs on the Meidike site for the Yidoblo LED PE-920II:

2.4G wireless remote control, can control the AE six groups of lights, each group of lights can support 100 lamps; remote control distance of up to 80 meters; power stepless adjustment, the output precision to 100 , the operating data LCD screen intuitive display, easy to operate, Easy to remember to improve work efficiency, can be installed on a tripod / handheld / desktop.

  1. LED patch lamp beads number: 160PCS
  2. the maximum power: 56W
  3. color rendering index CRI : > 95RA
  4. led the average life: 10000H
  5. the maximum number of lumens: 3300LM
  6. color temperature: 3200-5500K
  7. light angle: 120 degrees
  8. power: AC110-240V DC14.5V
  9. the length of 35 * 25 * 1.2CM ; weight 1.35KG

Standard configuration:

  • LED lights
  • the power adapter
  • 2.4G with screen remote control
  • battery buckle, LCD screen

Whether you read the specs over at BH or on Savage's website, it's clear these guys are identical. The only question you may be asking, is maybe Yidoblor ripped off Savage? I don't think that's the case. If you look at the inlcuded photos below, you'll notice that the Yidoblo light comes with a special made Yidbolo remote controller. The Savage also comes with a remote control, but that controller is a knockoff of the remote you find when you buy any Godox remote system. That's right, they may have modified the frequency, but it is the same model.

So why does this matter? Well you can buy the Savage LED for a little over $300, and to their credit, they package it very nicely. At the same time, you can find the Yidoblo scattered over ebay, Aliexpress and Amazon for ~$140-$160.

That's a huge price difference.

BIRTV 2017: Lishuai VictorSoft 1x1 LS V-2000ASVL Led Light Mon, 16 Oct 2017 08:01:04 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18000@/talks/discussions

Aputure Amaran MX, more powerful alternative of M9 Mon, 18 Sep 2017 02:39:36 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17779@/talks/discussions image

  • Bi-color
  • Much more powerful
  • More sturdy construction
Aputure M9 small light Sun, 17 Jul 2016 01:54:23 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 15375@/talks/discussions

FalconEyes Bi-Color LED Panel RX-12TD / RX-18TD Sun, 27 Aug 2017 16:12:30 -0600 peaceonearth 17620@/talks/discussions I purchased one each.

Pro: lightweight, very flexible, good price, bi-color

Cons: 5600K is 5100K only and a tad greenish. Needs a big battery when mobile powered >160W. Even the small 50W RX-12TD, doesn't power at all with less. It seems the controller draws a lot of power. Doesn't hit airline regulations with the big batteries.

Falcon Eyes RGB Led Light Tue, 26 Sep 2017 22:16:40 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17848@/talks/discussions

Falcon Eyes Sophiez SO Led lights Tue, 26 Sep 2017 09:22:04 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17843@/talks/discussions

F&V Z720S UltraColor Bi-color LED Ring Light Mon, 25 Sep 2017 06:12:59 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17835@/talks/discussions image

Ready for Professional Cinema The Z720 was built with the professional cinematographer in mind. Industry standard mounting options will allow the Z720 to be used for productions both big and small.

Unprecedented Color Accuracy

The Z720 utilizes F&V's latest LED technology, the UltraColor LED. A precise coating technique and a meticulous review process ensures that UltraColor LED delivers accurate results every time. In fact, they guarantee it. Their UltraColor LED is rated at a TLCI 95+/-1.

Battery Powered

The Z720 is the perfect companion on the road. The unit can be powered by two, small, NP-F Li-ion batteries. You can even power the unit with one battery and the Z720 will precisely adjust the number of illuminated LEDs to 360.

Precise Control LCD Display An illuminated LCD displays both intensity and CCT. Dial in your perfect settings everytime.

**Unique & Gorgeous Catchlights, Independent Quadrant Control **

The Z720's circuitry is divided into four quadrants. This gives each quadrant independent control over intensity and CCT. Create distinctive catchlights with the press of a button.

Create and Save Your Scenes with Wi-Fi App

The Z720 has a built in Wi-Fi module that allows you to control the light via your cell phone. Not only can you control the light with your phone, but also you can save the exact settings to your phone and recall it any time.

Aputure HR672 - High CRI 95 light Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:34:36 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 11076@/talks/discussions image

The color-rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colors of
various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. The stunning revolution in HR672 with CRI95+ ensures what you see is what you get. It is perfect for color-critical applications such as fashion, documentary
and short film in the studio or on location.

Available in our deals at:




CAME-TV Boltzen B-30 and F-55w small led fresnels Wed, 14 Sep 2016 16:18:30 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 15727@/talks/discussions

  • 30W LED emitter
  • Compact
  • Daylight temperature (5600K)
  • 96 CRI for accurate color
  • Stepless dimming control
  • Use Sony NP-F type batteries, up to 1.5 hours. Can use external 12V DC.
  • Metal housing. Fanless design.
  • 2.4GHz wireless control
  • $258 price
Stills and video light Sat, 09 Sep 2017 21:18:04 -0600 webarchitect 17708@/talks/discussions Looking for reasonably affordable lights for both video work and stills. Stills would largely be product photography, video product plus people. Aputure 120d looks promising, their mini20 looks like a maybe. But what would you say? Thanks in advance!